Her Kind of Man by Pamela Yaye

Pamela Yaye

Her Kind of Man
Pamela Yaye
Rating: 4

A Man Of No Words But All Action

Pamela Yayeʼs third novel is an exuberant piece that deals with social changes that many authors will not approach for fear of mishandling the issue.  However, Her Kind Of Man takes the issues that are considered fragile social and she turns it into a story that has its issues and brings to life two characters who each has their issues but finds the ultimate relationship between each other.

Makayla Stevens is a elementary teacher who has had her issues growing up but after getting over her slight teenage problems she has proven to those around her that her devotion to deal with issues from the past.  When she meets a blast from the past she finds herself devastated to not allow Kenyon find out whom she really is.  When Kenyon express interest in her she does not know where or what to do with his nephew being a student of hers and his sister-in-law being a menace Makayla is hesitant to deal but when Kenyon takes his flamboyant position on life on her she finds herself loving it.

Kenyon Blake was the everything that the girls wanted in high school even Makayla Stevens however, Kenyon saw Makayla as a friend and his saving grace from flunking high school.  Kenyon is enthralled with Terranceʼs teacher and wonʼt take no for a answer when he finds himself dealing with his past he decides that nothing will stop him from having the girl who has his eyes.

Pamela Yaye takes a step outside of the regular romance novels and adds a little flair from weight issues to simply bad kids in schools.  With the humor and the writing style Pamela is an author I look forward to reading more from.

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  1. What a detailed and engaging review! Thanks, I really appreciate it and I am glad that you enjoyed the story. I really credit the team over at Kimani for letting me write out of the box of a traditional romance story and allowing me to delve into different aspects of my characters lives. My next book, “Love T.K.O.” deals with the age old question, “Is there such a thing as soulmates?” and I tackle weighty issues like the dangers of having low self-esteem, sexual assualt and love the second time around. But don’t worry, the romance is front and center and the love scenes, SCORCHING hot! I’d love to hear more of your thoughts, Avid Reader, so drop me a line!

    • Ms. Yaye,
      I am happy to hear you enjoyed the review I can’t wait for your next piece. I loved LOVE TKO as well the review is on the blog so what’s next?


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