Long Time Coming by Rochelle Alers

Rochelle Alers

Long Time Coming

Rochelle Alers

Kimani Press

ISBN: 978-1-4268-1775-5

Rating 4.5

A New Year Delight

Rochelle Alers pens a quirky yet loving romantic novel about two individuals who have been hurt the past and they are not sure how to overcome their love until they find each other.

Tessa Whitfield never thought she would find true love. Finding love or what she thought the first time turned out to be a devastating blow. When she found out that, her lover had a wife and was nothing but lies with those thoughts in mind she threw herself into running her business and promising herself she would never fall in love again. Tessa had rules when it came to clients, their families and her business there was no dating of anyone associated with a Signature Bride. However when Micah Sanborn walks into her life she finds herself having to go on the defensive because he entices her in a way that makes her considered her life.

Micah Sanborn always had issues when it came to women it started early in life and continued on with him but when he meets Tessa Whitfield she turns his life upside down. Knowing that he could never love her or at least that was his thought he continuously fought the feeling that he knew as love. When he finds himself falling in love he puts up his armor wall to force her away with both of their lives keeping them apart he begins to realize he misses her. When he finds himself feeling incomplete without her he digs deep within himself to find the ability to admit to her his feelings.

Long Time Coming is a quick and funny read that shows two families who are uniquely different but in so many ways alike. Full with laughter and love, this novel is a novel that is a quick and easy read.

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