The Wicked by LA Banks

LA Banks

The Wicked

LA Banks

Rating 4.5

Banks kicks it up a notch and really breaks down some mythology on a level that many have never seen before. Her beloved Neterus are in put in a position that really test the lines of all lines and until they can bring unity to their selves they aren’t really sure they can hold their team of Guardians, refugees, and newly acquired members together but when all else fail you are always told to ask for help.

Damali has done it again she has allowed herself to be cut off from the Queen Neteru Council and for once its truly not her fault but she isn’t letting this hold her down with her husband and the family at her back she knows she can handle anything well almost anything with the wrong images thrown guilt can make a person question their selves.

Carlos knows that with old and new enemies showing up its going to be a moment before anything of normalcy will be at their sides but of course Rivera figures what the hell I’ve seen worse and I have done worse so if they are going to bring the pain I am going down fighting. No one counted on truly getting a prayer answer especially since only two members of the family knew about this prayer but with acquiring a large army as well as having members on the team who had a thing or two within their power stages the team would have victory or was it truly victory….

I have to say we are truly happy to see that Banks series has been extended to a 12 book series but now that a few of us are hooked we have become addicted and always waiting for more insight on this guardian team and the beloved Neterus. We defiantly say keep it up Ms. Banks.

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