Ridin The Rails by Kimberly Kaye Terry

Kimberly Kaye Terry did it again

Kimberly Kaye Terry did it again




Sensual Seduction

RAILIN’ THE RAILS was an erotic piece that explored the mind of a science fiction author as she’s asked to step outside of her territory and asked to bring more sex to her writing. Her agent suggests that she goes out and experience a little to get her material.

Naomi Gibson is a national bestselling sci-fi author who has been told that she has to spice up her writing style to stay where she is in the writing scene. With her editor and agent asking for her to take her writing to an erotic level she’s at a lost. With her past knowledge of relationships Naomi shuns the idea of falling in love and happily ever after. With her agent guiding the duo hit a night club and Naomi finds herself pursuing a guy that makes her tremble.

Brice Anders is a prominent corporate lawyer who enjoys his life but feels as something is missing. Growing up in a family where he always felt he needed to live up to his mother’s standards due to his sibling he finds himself always looking at what he could have done instead of what he’s doing. When he meets Naomi he isn’t sure why but he’s drawn to her. A dance turns into an invitation for a night of fun but Brice has more planned than he lets on to.

When Brice and Naomi find their selves at odds due to a quick reminder to Naomi of why relationships don’t work for her she is quick to run but not before throwing dirt in Brice’s face but as always its only a small world so when Brice & Naomi find their selves on the same train heading in the same direction Brice issues some idle promises that leave Naomi shaking for more.

Kimberly Kaye Terry weaves together an excellent story that allows for the readers to embrace both authors as they explore each other and the dynamics of their relationship. While it seems the secondary characters Seth & Rochelle have a little more to tell I am hoping that we will be seeing a follow up to this novel soon. Kimberly has introduced sex in a whole new playing field.

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Her Lover’s Legacy by Adrianne Byrd

Adrianne Byrd

Adrianne Byrd

Her Lover’s Legacy

Adrianne Byrd

ISBN: 0373-86076-5

Rating 4.5

Adrianne Byrd weaves together an intense yet powerful story of how love at first sight isn’t always recognized but sometimes it takes something drastic to happen for two people who aren’t looking for love to accept it.

Malcolm Braddock gets the news that his father has passed and after the past two years of having nothing but arguments the feeling leaves Malcolm brooding over the lost and not being able to apologize. Finding himself being recruiter to take his father position in the political side has him on defense because he’s not interested in fighting the political battles.

Gloria Kingsley was Harmon Braddock’s executive assistant and when she finds herself getting involved in trying to get Harmon’s son Malcolm to run for office she finds herself having to deal with feelings that presented early in her career with the Braddock’s. When Gloria finds herself going head to head with Malcolm they realize that sparks are flying and feelings are running high.

One thing leads to another and next thing Malcolm and Gloria realize a relationship has formed as well as the feelings between the two are intense. HER LOVER’S LEGACY is a passionate romance story with a slice of mystery as well as a little drama. Defiantly can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

Taken by Storm By Rochelle Alers

Simone Whitfield

Simone Whitfield's book

Taken By Storm

Rochelle Alers

Rating 4

Unpredictable Whitefield

TAKEN BY STORM is the third installment to the Whitefield’s series by Rochelle Alers. Will Simone Whitefield’s bodyguard win her heart of cold and turn it into a passionate heart that needs rekindling?

Simone Whitfield has an eye for flowers but her family would say her choice of men is not the best. When Simone finds herself an eyewitness to an attempted murder her life as she knows is turned upside down when she is assigned a live in bodyguard.

US Marshal Raphael Madison isn’t your everyday bodyguard one might say that when you get to know him during the story he’s a very diligent person. Raphael and Simone butt heads numerous times during the story. He enjoys her because she’s spirited and not against speaking her mind however she detests him because she isn’t use to taking orders.

As a storm brews the pull of passion leads to an electrifying friendship, relationship, and a whirlwind courtship that should never had happen but love has its own way of dealing with things. The book was a delightful read while in the other two installments to the Whitfield sisters I found Simone’s story to be a little different yet in a unique way. With her false bravo in place she finally meets her match in the most unexpected way. I was hoping for a little more because of Simone’s personality but I will give Mrs. Alers her props for she has closed out this series showing that women who have had their bad times can also come out on top. Rochelle Alers weaves to gather an impeccable story leaving you wanting more.

Guarding His Body by AC Arthur



Guarding His Body

AC Arthur

Rating 5

The Art of Falling in Love

**Certified classic**

A.C. Arthur turns up the heat with Guarding His Body, which is the start of the Top Secret: Romance on the Run series that Kimani Romance is producing this summer. Two powerful and influential families come together as one big family, which can only lead to some jealous people.

Sabrina “Bree” Dedune has always had to prove herself to her family. She was the baby girl and everyone thought they knew what was best for her she did everything she could to rebel. Joining the Marine’s offered her the freedom she dreamed of but it was the Marine’s that shattered all that and sent her home to her family to put her life back together but what happens when her past comes to her present? Lorenzo “Renny” Bennett was what the paparazzi called a playboy. He was not interested in being a part of the family business because he had his art and it was taking off but when his world is turned upside down because someone wants to threaten the family he’s introduced to his most influential muse yet.

Not liking the idea that Bree has been assigned as his bodyguard he finds himself finding out the little things about her that sends his blood boiling as they spend time together Bree & Renny find their selves falling in love but not before their past can push them both against the wall fighting for their lives. Along with putting together the pieces to solve the each problem separately, Bree & Renny find their selves solving the biggest problem of all their love.

A.C. Arthur kicks up the notch with this book its one of her best she is an author who can intertwine families with ease. I hope that the rest of the series is just as good.

Sweetest Temptation by Rochelle Alers

Sweetest Temptation

Sweetest Temptation

The Sweetest Temptation

Rochelle Alers

ISBN: 0-373-83102-1

Rating: 5

A Sweet Thang

**Certified Classic**

The Sweetest Temptation offers a story that learns the reader palette exploding.

Faith Whitefield had enough experiences with frogs that she wasn’t sure that her third resolution would ever come true. Ethan McMillan had grown tired of endless relationships so when lays eyes on the dessert lady who was decorating his cousin’s wedding cake. He finds himself wanting to know more about her.

Faith & Ethan’s relationship was based off trust while both found love with one another Rochelle extends the diversity of falling in love while penning an exceptional book. The Sweetest Temptation was a refreshing read that allowed readers to get a view of falling in love that’s not seen often. Rochelle Alers went back OLD SKOOL with The Sweetest Temptation!

With Every Breath by Maureen Smith

With Every Breath

Maureen Smith
Maureen Smith WIth Every Breath

Maureen Smith

BET Books: Arabesque

ISBN: 1-58314-531-1

Rating 5

**Certified Classic**

One’s Past is Always another Future

With Every Breath is a tail spinning face pace novel that takes its readers on a cat and mouse chase that leads to two soul mates finding love.

Imani Maxwell swore off falling in love with any man who carried a weapon for a career but when she finds herself in danger and the man who is a part of the team that is sent to keep her safe becomes a temptation like none other. She realizes that fighting her feelings is not exactly so easy.

Garrison Wade was a man who knew what he wanted as well as knew that life the he led offered little to make his past go away. When Imani finds herself in a lot more danger then she realizes Garrison willingly protects her with his life however, the two did not realize the relationship had become red hot.

Maureen Smith writes an action pack romantic story that leaves the reader fully satisfied with a true romantic novel with a touch of suspense.

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