Sweetest Temptation by Rochelle Alers

Sweetest Temptation

Sweetest Temptation

The Sweetest Temptation

Rochelle Alers

ISBN: 0-373-83102-1

Rating: 5

A Sweet Thang

**Certified Classic**

The Sweetest Temptation offers a story that learns the reader palette exploding.

Faith Whitefield had enough experiences with frogs that she wasn’t sure that her third resolution would ever come true. Ethan McMillan had grown tired of endless relationships so when lays eyes on the dessert lady who was decorating his cousin’s wedding cake. He finds himself wanting to know more about her.

Faith & Ethan’s relationship was based off trust while both found love with one another Rochelle extends the diversity of falling in love while penning an exceptional book. The Sweetest Temptation was a refreshing read that allowed readers to get a view of falling in love that’s not seen often. Rochelle Alers went back OLD SKOOL with The Sweetest Temptation!

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