Guarding His Body by AC Arthur



Guarding His Body

AC Arthur

Rating 5

The Art of Falling in Love

**Certified classic**

A.C. Arthur turns up the heat with Guarding His Body, which is the start of the Top Secret: Romance on the Run series that Kimani Romance is producing this summer. Two powerful and influential families come together as one big family, which can only lead to some jealous people.

Sabrina “Bree” Dedune has always had to prove herself to her family. She was the baby girl and everyone thought they knew what was best for her she did everything she could to rebel. Joining the Marine’s offered her the freedom she dreamed of but it was the Marine’s that shattered all that and sent her home to her family to put her life back together but what happens when her past comes to her present? Lorenzo “Renny” Bennett was what the paparazzi called a playboy. He was not interested in being a part of the family business because he had his art and it was taking off but when his world is turned upside down because someone wants to threaten the family he’s introduced to his most influential muse yet.

Not liking the idea that Bree has been assigned as his bodyguard he finds himself finding out the little things about her that sends his blood boiling as they spend time together Bree & Renny find their selves falling in love but not before their past can push them both against the wall fighting for their lives. Along with putting together the pieces to solve the each problem separately, Bree & Renny find their selves solving the biggest problem of all their love.

A.C. Arthur kicks up the notch with this book its one of her best she is an author who can intertwine families with ease. I hope that the rest of the series is just as good.

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