Taken by Storm By Rochelle Alers

Simone Whitfield

Simone Whitfield's book

Taken By Storm

Rochelle Alers

Rating 4

Unpredictable Whitefield

TAKEN BY STORM is the third installment to the Whitefield’s series by Rochelle Alers. Will Simone Whitefield’s bodyguard win her heart of cold and turn it into a passionate heart that needs rekindling?

Simone Whitfield has an eye for flowers but her family would say her choice of men is not the best. When Simone finds herself an eyewitness to an attempted murder her life as she knows is turned upside down when she is assigned a live in bodyguard.

US Marshal Raphael Madison isn’t your everyday bodyguard one might say that when you get to know him during the story he’s a very diligent person. Raphael and Simone butt heads numerous times during the story. He enjoys her because she’s spirited and not against speaking her mind however she detests him because she isn’t use to taking orders.

As a storm brews the pull of passion leads to an electrifying friendship, relationship, and a whirlwind courtship that should never had happen but love has its own way of dealing with things. The book was a delightful read while in the other two installments to the Whitfield sisters I found Simone’s story to be a little different yet in a unique way. With her false bravo in place she finally meets her match in the most unexpected way. I was hoping for a little more because of Simone’s personality but I will give Mrs. Alers her props for she has closed out this series showing that women who have had their bad times can also come out on top. Rochelle Alers weaves to gather an impeccable story leaving you wanting more.

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