Her Lover’s Legacy by Adrianne Byrd

Adrianne Byrd

Adrianne Byrd

Her Lover’s Legacy

Adrianne Byrd

ISBN: 0373-86076-5

Rating 4.5

Adrianne Byrd weaves together an intense yet powerful story of how love at first sight isn’t always recognized but sometimes it takes something drastic to happen for two people who aren’t looking for love to accept it.

Malcolm Braddock gets the news that his father has passed and after the past two years of having nothing but arguments the feeling leaves Malcolm brooding over the lost and not being able to apologize. Finding himself being recruiter to take his father position in the political side has him on defense because he’s not interested in fighting the political battles.

Gloria Kingsley was Harmon Braddock’s executive assistant and when she finds herself getting involved in trying to get Harmon’s son Malcolm to run for office she finds herself having to deal with feelings that presented early in her career with the Braddock’s. When Gloria finds herself going head to head with Malcolm they realize that sparks are flying and feelings are running high.

One thing leads to another and next thing Malcolm and Gloria realize a relationship has formed as well as the feelings between the two are intense. HER LOVER’S LEGACY is a passionate romance story with a slice of mystery as well as a little drama. Defiantly can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

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