Ridin The Rails by Kimberly Kaye Terry

Kimberly Kaye Terry did it again

Kimberly Kaye Terry did it again




Sensual Seduction

RAILIN’ THE RAILS was an erotic piece that explored the mind of a science fiction author as she’s asked to step outside of her territory and asked to bring more sex to her writing. Her agent suggests that she goes out and experience a little to get her material.

Naomi Gibson is a national bestselling sci-fi author who has been told that she has to spice up her writing style to stay where she is in the writing scene. With her editor and agent asking for her to take her writing to an erotic level she’s at a lost. With her past knowledge of relationships Naomi shuns the idea of falling in love and happily ever after. With her agent guiding the duo hit a night club and Naomi finds herself pursuing a guy that makes her tremble.

Brice Anders is a prominent corporate lawyer who enjoys his life but feels as something is missing. Growing up in a family where he always felt he needed to live up to his mother’s standards due to his sibling he finds himself always looking at what he could have done instead of what he’s doing. When he meets Naomi he isn’t sure why but he’s drawn to her. A dance turns into an invitation for a night of fun but Brice has more planned than he lets on to.

When Brice and Naomi find their selves at odds due to a quick reminder to Naomi of why relationships don’t work for her she is quick to run but not before throwing dirt in Brice’s face but as always its only a small world so when Brice & Naomi find their selves on the same train heading in the same direction Brice issues some idle promises that leave Naomi shaking for more.

Kimberly Kaye Terry weaves together an excellent story that allows for the readers to embrace both authors as they explore each other and the dynamics of their relationship. While it seems the secondary characters Seth & Rochelle have a little more to tell I am hoping that we will be seeing a follow up to this novel soon. Kimberly has introduced sex in a whole new playing field.

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