In The Beginning: A Vampire Series F.D. Davis

Adam Omega book 1

Adam Omega book 1

In The Beginning: A Vampire Series

By F.D. Davis

Rating 4.5

Eternal Lovers

IN THE BEGINNING takes everything you’ve ever been told about vampires and puts them all to the test. Adam Omega had gained a sense of heightened power over the time that he had spent exploring the world trying to find a love that would replace his first. But, what happens when Adam tests all of the rules he made for everyone to follow?

Adam gave up a lot to be with his young wife, from walking away from the church to becoming what he was to save his young wife, but when she took her love away from him he was beside himself. So when he meets Eve Moses and discovers who she really is, he has no choice, but to revisit his past. Eve grew up being told she was evil and to overcome that evil she had to make amends with God and live a life of goodness. However, what is meant to be will prevail because of karma. When Eve becomes Adam’s weakness, those around him find themselves in a battle against those who have chosen to go against Adam. With good intentions in his heart, Adam realizes that sometimes being good isn’t enough.

F.D. Davis takes you on an adventurous ride as you read about Adam’s love and his determination to have his lover for eternity.

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