The Way You Love Me by Francis Ray

Shane Elliott's Story

Shane Elliott

True Love

Rating 4.5

Francis Ray continues on her Grayson, Tagget, & Falcon series but expanded to the children’s friends and the starting member of the extended family is Shane Elliott. Shane met the women who had his heart and mind tangled up but when she walks away he knows that he could never have her. When her mother a close friend to Blade’s wife Sierra & mother approaches her to help get rid of a boyfriend who only wants to increase his funds Shane finds himself going to help for reasons he’s not sure of.

Paige has been monitoring her mother thinking the worst of her but what she has failed to realize is that her mother holds a secret very dear to her heart. After losing her father and her mother started sneaking around Paige, begin to doubt her mother and was allowing herself to fall or be persuaded by the wrong man. Shane Elliott had lost love and felt he would never find love again however when he met Paige and he never realize how much one little woman could effect him the way Paige did. Neither Shane nor Paige forgot the night that they first met even though Paige did not really know who he was but Shane knew who she was after seeing her mother.

Shane is reluctant about lying to Paige but the first day he sees her at her mother’s house he slight gets over it knowing she needs his help. Paige realizes right away that she is not in love with Russell and in order for her to figure out what it is between her and her mother’s houseguest she has to get rid of Russell.

The Way You Love Me is a romantic women’s idea of what love is suppose to be. Francis does an excellent job reuniting characters from before to bringing in new characters without overpowering the stories.

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