The Hot Spot by TaRessa

Hot Spot

Hot Spot

For Love or Pleasure

Rating: 4.5

TaRessa brings the flavor of a sister who is determine to keep her business up and running even if it means breaking down and showing her once mentor and teacher exactly who is on top of the game of public relations but the question is exactly how far will one go to get the job done. TaRessa introduces three female characters that will make you laugh, cry, and argue right along with them as they attempt to figure out there way through there relationships and work dilemmas.

Kendra Harrell is what one might called the Queen of Spin in the public relations arena in the Atlanta area but she is so hopelessly in love with love itself that she always find herself looking at her bosses or someone closely influence to her boss as a love interest but when she finds her self in a bind that includes her business she makes the attempt to lick her wounds and fly right but not before getting herself into a little fiasco that leads to a crisis of a congressman dilemma to a island retreat with some yummy amenities.

Meghan Bennett is what many would consider a Black American Princess her father has always spoiled her and she can’t ever get to the altar. Meghan has probably been engaged more than a dozen times but before she gets to the alter she finds something wrong with her beau and ends the situation before she allows it to get out of hand. When she finally finds someone she can settle down with she finds one weird problem and she feels unless this problem can be fix there is no way she will walk the aisle but she is in tune with this guy and love him can she fix the situation before it gets out of hand?

Stephanie Ivey is what many would call a sister with a mission she is the corporate guru of the crew and she is determine to juggle the city’s most eligible men while continuing her climb up the corporate ladder but when she puts the ultimate situation to the test she realizes one thing and hat’s her personal pleasure hasn’t been touch and she doesn’t know what to do with it.

When a preposition is offered to allow them the opportunity to get away from it all they take to enjoy life for what it is but not before someone can make the attempt to sabotage the one big thing that Kendra has going for her but can Kendra put the spin on the situation and still land the big contract with the resort or will she be force to close her business.

TaRessa makes you howl and cry during this book but she keeps it real and makes you want to go looking for your Hot Spot just as the ladies do on their search to sexual freedom and career goals.

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