Trust In Me By Melanie Schuster

A Deveraux Book

A Deveraux Book

Trust In Me

Melanie Schuster

Kimani Romance

Rating 4.5

A Lover’s Plan

TRUST IN ME is a heartfelt story that takes us on a visit to the aftermath of Katrina as natives try to put their home back together and what happens when a man finds his soul mate exactly how far he will go to prove it. Schuster does an excellent job describing the all the locations that the story takes place.

Lucien Deveraux was a free spirited single bachelor but when he lays eyes on his brother-in-law’s sister he knew she was the one which for him was strange but he made it known to his siblings that he was determine to have her. Along with the determination came the jealousy that men with a purpose can exhibit. Lucien finds himself in quite a mess when he makes a few mistakes and those close to him gives Nicole Argonne a insight to who he is and she begins to form her on ideas of what kind of man he is and the fact that she promised herself she would stay away from those type of men. Nicole Argonne was a sister that many wouldn’t try to get over on but when she finds herself going toe to toe for Lucien she finds out that love will always win. Between his generosity when it comes to her and the fact that he’s able to read her so well that everyone would think that they knew each other longer than what they actually do. When Nicole tells Lucien she has trust issues he works very hard to give her no doubt that he’s sincere.

Melanie Schuster does a great job of reuniting us with the family that everyone has come to love reintroducing old characters as well as showing a few new characters. I am looking forward to the next installment to this wonderful series.


Mad Money featuring Katie Holmes, Diane Keaton, & Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah, Diane Keaton, & Katie Homles

Queen Latifah, Diane Keaton, & Katie Homles

Mad Money

Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah, & Katie Holmes


Diane Keaton, Queen Latifiah, & Katie Holmes make a hilarious team along with their spouses as they proceed to pull of the ultimate crime.

In this movie Bridget played by Diane Keaton is force to get a job when her husband played by Ted Danson is laid off but when she gets a job at the Federal Reserve and sees Nina played by Queen Latifah shredding money she devises a plan to remove bills in small amounts one at a time. With the help, Jackie played by Katie Holmes who moves the untraced bills from one location to another the trio finds their selves pulling of the heist of the lifetime to only be busted by their husbands. As the movie, plays on a security guard Barry played by Roger Cross shows interest in Nina but not before a mistake goes wrong and he busts the girls plan leading to him becoming a part of the mission but not before another mistake by someone’s husband sets off some alarms that starts a investigation.

Little does everyone known Bridget has the perfect plan with the help of a restaurant owner and a tax attorney that gets her out of the perfect crime but still leaves her happy. MAD MONEY is a funny chick movie that any male can sit in and be amazed by what females will do to make their family happy.

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The Trouble With Luv’ by Pamela Yaye

Trouble With Love

The Trouble With Luv’

Pamela Yaye

Rating 3.5

Past, Present, & Future

Pamela Yaye brings two different yet independent people together for a relationship to remember. THE TROUBLE WITH LUV’ is a deep look at how someone’s past can drive the future as well as how someone’s present living mindset can effect their lives in the future.

Xavier Reed is a hardworking educator who devotes a lot of time to his church in his mind he has what the perfect wife for him will be. When he meets Ebony Garnett he is interested but feels she is very wrong and therefore gives her the brush off but as time progresses, he realizes that one’s perception can lead a person to the wrong conclusion. Ebony Garnett’s past has drove her to be the successful businessperson that she was and with her rules of how her relationships were suppose to be she knew what she wanted and how she would take it. When Xavier Reed plants himself in the center of her life she finds herself falling hard and quickly but not before a few problems and her history with the Reed family can pop in.

THE TROUBLE WITH LUV’ was a slow start but of course as you enter the last conflict it’s the largest of the book it holds a steady pace of how lovers work past their differences for the best. Pamela’s writing continues to grow and improve I cannot wait to see what is next from her catalog.

Quade’s Babies by Brenda Jackson



Quade’s Babies

Brenda Jackson

Rating 2

Disappointment is not even a good enough description…

Brenda Jackson writes the fourteenth book of the Westmoreland’s’ series. While I was a diehard fan in the beginning when she introduced Delany and her brothers Mrs. Jackson has slowly but surely disappointed me with the cousins.

In this particular book we remember when Quade was in Montana with his family and he saw the picture of the enchanted beauty Cheyenne who he had a one night affair with in Egypt while on business and he realizes she’s pregnant rather she’s probably due any day now. Well what we later learn is that Cheyenne is none other than Cheyenne Steele of the Steele family from the Kimami Steele’s. Remember her cousins Chance, Donovan, Morgan, and Sebastian the male cousins and then there is Taylor and Vanessa her sisters’. Yeah that crew.

Quade Westmoreland was surprise when he finds out he’s a father but not just a father but a father to the second set of Westmoreland triplets but what he wasn’t prepared for was their mother and her resistance to wanting to do what he considered right in his eyes for her and the babies. Cheyenne Steele had grown up being told what to do and how to do it so when she finds herself pregnant with her mystery man’s triplets she decides that she’s going to do things her way with her babies and no one can say anything to change her mind. Well almost no one.

Cheyenne thought she would never see Quade again but when he shows up inquiring about her babies she has no choice but to tell him what he wants to know but she never expected the situation to become a lifetime situation.

Brenda Jackson has continue to give us great romantic stories however I believe it has gotten to the point that Mrs. Jackson has really forgotten that writing is about the quality of the book instead of the quantity of the book. I really hope to see Mrs. Jackson return with a book that can hold to the standards of quality.




This is totally off from reviews but I just had to comment on the whole election thing…

Yesterday was day in history that can never be changed. No matter who was voted in to office we were going to be making history. I am sure the nation is happy for Obama as I am while many is making this a black & white issue I have to say simply he was the more personable person who kept it as straight as possible. While I don’t fault McCain I do think he lost this race simply because we’ve had a Republican in office who has had us at war almost all of his terms in office. Obama positioning was everything I think no matter whether it was Hillary or Barack the Democrats would have come out winners. I stand back and think to myself I can seriously tell my child there are no barriers that haven’t been broke down for you so I don’t ever want to hear the words I CAN’T because CAN’T is no longer in our vocabulary.


PS I hope to have a review for Pamela Yaye’s first novel The Trouble with Luv’ by later this week. I got reviews from Brenda Jackson, Gwyneth Bolton, Melanie Schuster, Angie Daniels, Elaine Overton as well as many others coming soon.