The Trouble With Luv’ by Pamela Yaye

Trouble With Love

The Trouble With Luv’

Pamela Yaye

Rating 3.5

Past, Present, & Future

Pamela Yaye brings two different yet independent people together for a relationship to remember. THE TROUBLE WITH LUV’ is a deep look at how someone’s past can drive the future as well as how someone’s present living mindset can effect their lives in the future.

Xavier Reed is a hardworking educator who devotes a lot of time to his church in his mind he has what the perfect wife for him will be. When he meets Ebony Garnett he is interested but feels she is very wrong and therefore gives her the brush off but as time progresses, he realizes that one’s perception can lead a person to the wrong conclusion. Ebony Garnett’s past has drove her to be the successful businessperson that she was and with her rules of how her relationships were suppose to be she knew what she wanted and how she would take it. When Xavier Reed plants himself in the center of her life she finds herself falling hard and quickly but not before a few problems and her history with the Reed family can pop in.

THE TROUBLE WITH LUV’ was a slow start but of course as you enter the last conflict it’s the largest of the book it holds a steady pace of how lovers work past their differences for the best. Pamela’s writing continues to grow and improve I cannot wait to see what is next from her catalog.

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