Trust In Me By Melanie Schuster

A Deveraux Book

A Deveraux Book

Trust In Me

Melanie Schuster

Kimani Romance

Rating 4.5

A Lover’s Plan

TRUST IN ME is a heartfelt story that takes us on a visit to the aftermath of Katrina as natives try to put their home back together and what happens when a man finds his soul mate exactly how far he will go to prove it. Schuster does an excellent job describing the all the locations that the story takes place.

Lucien Deveraux was a free spirited single bachelor but when he lays eyes on his brother-in-law’s sister he knew she was the one which for him was strange but he made it known to his siblings that he was determine to have her. Along with the determination came the jealousy that men with a purpose can exhibit. Lucien finds himself in quite a mess when he makes a few mistakes and those close to him gives Nicole Argonne a insight to who he is and she begins to form her on ideas of what kind of man he is and the fact that she promised herself she would stay away from those type of men. Nicole Argonne was a sister that many wouldn’t try to get over on but when she finds herself going toe to toe for Lucien she finds out that love will always win. Between his generosity when it comes to her and the fact that he’s able to read her so well that everyone would think that they knew each other longer than what they actually do. When Nicole tells Lucien she has trust issues he works very hard to give her no doubt that he’s sincere.

Melanie Schuster does a great job of reuniting us with the family that everyone has come to love reintroducing old characters as well as showing a few new characters. I am looking forward to the next installment to this wonderful series.

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  1. You should up date your tags to show “Alpha Kappa Alpha” not “Alpha Phi Alpha” and it should show “Omega Psi Phi” not “Omega Psi.” “Crescent City” not “Cresent City.”

    • Thank you for pointing those out.

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