Will Smith 2008 summer film

Will Smith 2008 summer film


Rating 4

Will Smith stars as Hancock, a down and out superhero who is forced to employ a PR expert, Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman), to help repair the image when the public simply isn’t feeling all of his damaged during his superhero moments. Ray decides that the best way to make people realize how much Hancock means to the city is to make him openly deal with his issues as well as the many legal issues however the question remains will Hancock live up to his new image or go back to being Hancock. However, when his past is reveal to him as well as someone who has answers (Charlize Theron) who plays Ray’s wife as well as share his powers but a large sacrifice has to be made.

Will Smith and the team at Overbrook have done it again with Hancock while many weren’t sure about the movie I have to say that Smith gave a vibrant message?

Like any movie is always a message d this time I took the message as there is always someone out there for us but sometimes finding our mate isn’t always the answer.

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