Sercet Agenda: A Hideawy Series

Book #13

Book #13

Rating 5
Certified Classic


Rochelle Alers returns with her thirteenth Hideaway book bringing us a glimpse into the lives of the children of the men & women we fell in love with a decade or more ago.

Diego Cole-Thomas is his grand papa’s twin when it comes to running a business not only is he intimidating to many but he’s a private man who goes after what he wants and doesn’t stop till he gets it. Diego has been on the search for an assistant who can balance his life and business life but with a few stipulations so when he meets Vivienne Kay Neal he is at awe with the woman presented to him because he realizes she does not fear him, which only makes him respect her more.

Vivienne had been at odds with herself when her husband had been killed but she also knew that her marriage had been over way before it could really start. Playing the grieving widow had driven her nuts leaving her to find exile away from it all. However when she finds herself going toe to toe with Diego she refuses to become an arm ornament and she pushes his buttons to get responses to see what worked and what got what.

Diego & Vivienne cross the line of employee and employer taking an office relationship to a completely new level. Rochelle does an excellent job of allowing Diego & Vivienne playing alpha characters without taking away from the book.

I cannot wait for book number fourteen. Who will it be?


The Need 4 Speed (Fast & Furious IV)

2009 Fast & Furious

2009 Fast & Furious

Rating 4.5

Fast & Furious (2009) was one of those movies that if you didn’t like the series then you wouldn’t really like this movie.

A personal tragedy brings Dom back to the states and he crosses paths with Brian again. Brian is now back with the FBI trying to take down a drug runner who’s using street racer drivers to do the trafficking. Before long, they’re racing each other and then working together to take down the bad guy.

It was great seeing Dom, Letty, & Brian back together again; while I am sorry that Letty wasn’t, there to the end it was amazing to see the originals.

It was great seeing that Dom was willing to finally live up to all the chaos he had caused but when Brian gets pissed because the judicial system doesn’t do right so he does what they do best at the end of the movie.

Director Justin Lin brings the same energy and hotness that he did for Tokyo Drift and his use of hot driving visuals were the best.

I still think the first one was the best but this one does justice as well.

Come Back To Me “An Erotic Short Story” by Kimberly Kaye Terry



Rating 3

Kimberly K Terry has been known for her erotic interracial novels and this time is not any different with the exception that she is ventured into the short stories. She still brings the exciting sexual scenes with an enough in between information that you do not feel that you are getting a straight fuck scene instead your getting a small part of a story that pulls the story together in a manner that questions are answered within the few pages of the story.




Avid Rating 5


Elaine Overton takes us into the lives of some of the most professional people and helps us to realize that even professional people have problems to.

Noelle Brown is the owner of Love Unlimited and with all that it takes to run a small business she realizes she needs a little help even with her impressive record of accomplishment so when Derrick Brandt calls she has determined he is the publicity she needs even if there is room for damage.

Derrick Brandt has had a hard life and to say that it shows in his actions would be putting it lightly. No one really understands Derrick so they never get to know the man underneath everything else.

When Derrick meets Noelle he realizes she is the woman he has been looking for however Noelle is not paying him any mind with the persistence of man on a mission Derrick places him in her life but will it cause more harm than good?

Go along with Derrick & Noelle as they battle this thing called love.

Deifying Desire by AC Arthur



Avid Rating 4.5

Ghosts from The Past

Deifying Desire is the third book to the Donovan family and as everyone suspected when the last man falls he falls hard.

Trent Donavan met Tia St. Claire when he went to help his brother’s girlfriend out during a fashion show but never before did he suspect to begin to have a desire for her that led to him extracting the number from his soon to be sister in law.

However, Tia St Claire has ghost from her past that haunts her daily leading to her secluded life until Trent steps in. Trent & Tia go through a lover’s quarrel that could end their relationship only to realize that their love for one another is what makes them strong and the Donavan clan knows how to meddle just enough to see it through.

AC Arthur pulls off another exciting book from the Donavan family bringing the last Triple Threat Donavan to his feet. AC is defiantly an author to keep your eyes on as she continues to bring heat and passion to her stories and the romance world.

Forbidden Games by Deidre Savoy

Last of the Martha Vineyard Series

Last of the Martha Vineyard Series

Avid Rating 3

Unknown Love

Deidre Savoy brings back the Martha Vineyard crew for the close out of her family series in Forbidden Games.

Drew Grissom was what many thought of as player as well as a officer who played by his own rules with no regard to anyone what no one knew was Drew picked and chose who he cared to protect and when his care landed on you it was something that came with a lot of protection.

Zaria Fuertes was a sister who always knew what she wanted in a career but not in life for her, it was always to never give her whole but when she finds herself working with Drew on a federal case their feelings blossom.

Mrs. Savoy rounds out the series with a tale of deceit and love while the story was a little slow in the beginning the friendship and love between Drew and Zaria is what holds the story plot together.