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Elaine Overton takes us into the lives of some of the most professional people and helps us to realize that even professional people have problems to.

Noelle Brown is the owner of Love Unlimited and with all that it takes to run a small business she realizes she needs a little help even with her impressive record of accomplishment so when Derrick Brandt calls she has determined he is the publicity she needs even if there is room for damage.

Derrick Brandt has had a hard life and to say that it shows in his actions would be putting it lightly. No one really understands Derrick so they never get to know the man underneath everything else.

When Derrick meets Noelle he realizes she is the woman he has been looking for however Noelle is not paying him any mind with the persistence of man on a mission Derrick places him in her life but will it cause more harm than good?

Go along with Derrick & Noelle as they battle this thing called love.

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