Nobody but You By Francis Ray (3.5)

And the Series countinues

And the Series countinues

The Thrill of Love, Which Leads to a Heart Break

Francis Ray brings us the thrill seeker himself story Cameron McBride. While this story stands on its own away from most of the other pieces that, belong with the family series it fits right in as well.

Cameron McBride never thought he would find the one woman who made him fall in love just as quick as she did but all of that came tumbling down when she left him at the altar. That season for Cameron was well let us just say the ugliest thing ever. Cameron never thought he would recover until he discovers a major secret that his ex-fiancée has been hiding from him that blows his minds.

Catlin Lawrence loved Cameron with all of heart but she couldn’t see losing another important person in her life to the thousand pound car that races around on the track after one great lost she decided it was more than enough. However when she walked away she hadn’t realize how much precious cargo she was travelling with and with the decision of a lifetime she finds herself rethinking her decision of four years when Cameron shows up to reclaim what’s partially his.

Cameron & Catlin bumps heads on so many levels due to Catlin’s fear but when the fear shows up in the most precocious thing in their lives they find their selves at lost for how to fix the biggest problem in their lives.

Francis Ray writes a heartfelt story that went beyond the romance but also pointed out some very good information for parents with kids and how to deal with traumatic situations.

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