Wrong Dress, Right Man (Rating 3)

Mac & Cinammon

Mac & Cinammon


Shirley Hailstock writes a comedic story about a man and woman who swear against relationships due to past relationships however, fate has a different idea.

Cinnamon Scott has realized that she has wasted her time in Boston because no one seems to take her serious therefore; she worries about making moves in her career so when her grandmother passes and leaves her a home she is presented a opportunity. However, her fresh start was not a smooth transition as she thought especially after a dress shows up at her house that is not hers.

Mackenzie Grier is deadest against weddings ever since he was jilted at his own wedding. Mac as he is affectionately known seems to have been invited to every wedding in the town. Mac sister Allison is getting married and is running him raged but when Allison’s dress ends up at Cinnamon’s home, which happens to be a place he had stayed when he needed solitude.

As Cinnamon’s story gets out Mac finds himself more intrigued as well as curious about her but when the charade of a wedding surrounding Cinnamon’s wedding gets out there Mac finds himself attempting to protect her but they find theirs eves linked to the point people assume they are getting married all because of a ring. While this story started with a comedic flare the book seem to lose its flow by chapter four and it did not pick back up until towards the last four chapters. While the male character was perfectly described, the author fails to describe the female. Mrs. Hailstock is a favorite author of mine and I cannot wait for her next work.


Man of Fortune (The Best Man Mini Series) Rating 5

Duncan Gilmore D.G.

Duncan Gilmore D.G.


One Man’s Misery Is Another’s Passion

Rochelle Alers brings the second installment of the Best Man miniseries. She brings the thing that every woman tends to pray about and that is a good man except Rochelle gives this man flaws that he accepts and works towards making it better.

Duncan Gilmore affectionately known to his friends as D.G. is the trios financial advisor who has had his share of losses that have affected his life tremendously that leads him to simply distance himself from females who get to close. When he meets Dr. Wolcott in an elevator after they are stuck on it due to a malfunction he finds himself intrigued with the enigma of a woman before him. DG past keeps resurfacing and when a piece of his past causes her to walk away he finds himself pushing past the pain to gain what he finds to be his reason.

Dr. Tamara Wolcott was the passionate emergency room doctor who loved her job and the rush that went with it. After a fail marriage and a hard childhood, she finally finds herself. However with it came some restrictions she set for herself so when she meets Duncan she finds herself throwing up everything she knows to make him back off but when Duncan pushes forwards she takes a chance to see what would become of the situation.

Tamara & Duncan both have past situations that make them complex people but make them a dynamic couple but when issues arise it cause a break that almost becomes a repeat of their past just in different reflection. Once again, Rochelle has given us a glimpse of a good man with the air about himself but he has earned it. I cannot wait to meet Ivan Campbell on a more personal level as Rochelle close out the trio.

Bittersweet Love (Rating 4)

Eaton #1

I Love U/I Hate U

Rochelle introduces a new of family educators who seem to need a little education their selves.

Belinda Eaton never saw herself as a parent but when she becomes the mother to her nieces as well as her goddaughters after a tragic accident she finds herself dealing with the man she had come to dislike Griffin Rice is her nieces’ uncle/godfather. When she finds herself having to co raise the girls with him she realizes her life is going to change for the better or worse she’s not sure yet.

Griffin Rice is a prominent lawyer who enjoys dating and women but when he finds himself, a father to his twin nieces he realizes that life is not always about parties. He starts to realize that he wants to make an impact on their lives but not before, he finds himself falling for their aunt who he had always considered stuck-up.

Griffin & Belinda have found their selves looking at each other in a new light as they begin to spend more time together but when tragedy strikes close to home it helps Griffin and Belinda realize their feelings for one another. Rochelle writes an extremely strong story dealing with delicate issues without losing focus on the romance of the story. Rochelle’s characters were strong as well as real cannot wait until we meet the next Eaton to meet their match.