Man of Fortune (The Best Man Mini Series) Rating 5

Duncan Gilmore D.G.

Duncan Gilmore D.G.


One Man’s Misery Is Another’s Passion

Rochelle Alers brings the second installment of the Best Man miniseries. She brings the thing that every woman tends to pray about and that is a good man except Rochelle gives this man flaws that he accepts and works towards making it better.

Duncan Gilmore affectionately known to his friends as D.G. is the trios financial advisor who has had his share of losses that have affected his life tremendously that leads him to simply distance himself from females who get to close. When he meets Dr. Wolcott in an elevator after they are stuck on it due to a malfunction he finds himself intrigued with the enigma of a woman before him. DG past keeps resurfacing and when a piece of his past causes her to walk away he finds himself pushing past the pain to gain what he finds to be his reason.

Dr. Tamara Wolcott was the passionate emergency room doctor who loved her job and the rush that went with it. After a fail marriage and a hard childhood, she finally finds herself. However with it came some restrictions she set for herself so when she meets Duncan she finds herself throwing up everything she knows to make him back off but when Duncan pushes forwards she takes a chance to see what would become of the situation.

Tamara & Duncan both have past situations that make them complex people but make them a dynamic couple but when issues arise it cause a break that almost becomes a repeat of their past just in different reflection. Once again, Rochelle has given us a glimpse of a good man with the air about himself but he has earned it. I cannot wait to meet Ivan Campbell on a more personal level as Rochelle close out the trio.

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  1. is this an interracial novel? the with the cover I’m not sure?

    • No its not a interracial story I think the black and white setting make it look like the character is white but he’s black

  2. the model on the cover of man of fortune (duncan gilmore) what is his real name and has he been on other covers.

    • Yolanda,
      I am not sure but I’ll see if maybe I can find the information out and get it back to you.

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