Wrong Dress, Right Man (Rating 3)

Mac & Cinammon

Mac & Cinammon


Shirley Hailstock writes a comedic story about a man and woman who swear against relationships due to past relationships however, fate has a different idea.

Cinnamon Scott has realized that she has wasted her time in Boston because no one seems to take her serious therefore; she worries about making moves in her career so when her grandmother passes and leaves her a home she is presented a opportunity. However, her fresh start was not a smooth transition as she thought especially after a dress shows up at her house that is not hers.

Mackenzie Grier is deadest against weddings ever since he was jilted at his own wedding. Mac as he is affectionately known seems to have been invited to every wedding in the town. Mac sister Allison is getting married and is running him raged but when Allison’s dress ends up at Cinnamon’s home, which happens to be a place he had stayed when he needed solitude.

As Cinnamon’s story gets out Mac finds himself more intrigued as well as curious about her but when the charade of a wedding surrounding Cinnamon’s wedding gets out there Mac finds himself attempting to protect her but they find theirs eves linked to the point people assume they are getting married all because of a ring. While this story started with a comedic flare the book seem to lose its flow by chapter four and it did not pick back up until towards the last four chapters. While the male character was perfectly described, the author fails to describe the female. Mrs. Hailstock is a favorite author of mine and I cannot wait for her next work.

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