Campaign for Seduction Rating 5


Gamble 4 Luv

Ann Christopher delivers a hot stopper. Campaign for Seduction was sizzling hot amber of a book that kept my attention from beginning to end.


Liza Wilson has had a fail marriage but has become a successful journalist now that she has a chance to clinch the spotlight she refuses to allow anything to stop her until she meets Senator Jonathan Warner who is also running for president. Liza has other ideas in her mind when the sparks between the flow. Senator Jonathan Warner has found himself in a situation where he is behind in the polls and in love with a journalist who he thought did not know he existed unless it dealt with a personal interview. Jonathan knew he had to have Liza but the question became would she give up her career for him or would a scandal end both of their careers. John is determined to have his way to win it all from his personal life to his professional life and he goes the limit to make it happen.

I can’t wait to go back and check out the first book of the Warner family but one thing I would love for Ann to answer is… will Jillian get her own book?


Goodnight Moon Rating 5

Goodnight Moon

Goodnight Moon

This is a wonderful book that should be a part of a child’s nightly reading ritual.  This book helped me est my son into a ritual of these are the things we do before bed and the last thing is Goodnight Moon and then prayer.

The boy in the story says goodnight to everything, everyone and every inanimate object in his room and when he finishes saying good night to everything he then goes to sleep.  The pages are colorfully and the words are small and easy for your little ones to say.

It’s a book that every child should have in their collection.

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Games of the Heart (Rating 3.5 )

Games of the EHart

Games of the Heart

Love  Bug

Pamela Yaye takes on the sports industry from the standpoint of the business world and a businesswoman who is determine to make a name for herself but not before love hits her and makes her reevaluate life.

Sage Collins is a junior agent at a exclusive sports agency who is determined to get her hands on the next big sports star to get the promotion and raise she feels she so rightfully deserves but how far will she go to get the deal. Sage has never been one to back down from a challenge but when she meets the father of her next big superstar, she finds herself putting her street smarts into practice to get close. Marshall Grant has been doing everything in his power to get it into his child’s mind that his college education is important and not some draft to play sports while making sure any agent who approaches him is intimidated or shown the door being told that Khari Grant is not signing with anyone. When Sage finds herself, need deep in lies and in love with the father of her client who could make or break her, she finds herself having a deep moment of what is right and what is wrong. Khari & Sage hit it off making it even harder for her to do what it takes to sign the deal but unknowingly to Marshall and Sage love had overtaken everything but how much can love over come lies and deceit.

While the book was, a fast pace it seemed to slow back down in the middle but pick up again towards the end but nonetheless Pamela has always been an author who has known how to mix sports and romance stories together. While this book is not exactly what I, am use to from Mrs. Yaye it was a great read about a single father who would go the limits to ensure his son’s education & future. I look forward to reading more from Mrs. Yate in the coming future.