Prize of a Lifetime (Donna Hill)

Prize of a Lifetime

Donna Hill

Rating 5

How Far Will U Go

Donna Hill writes a seductive fun novel about two individuals who any reader will fall in love with and want to win.  The question still remains can they have both?

Mitch Davenport not only has lost his business but the woman he thought as his forever when he found himself in a financial situation he watched his forever walk out of his life with resentment of his situation.  However, Mitch has been offered the opportunity of a lifetime with the possibility of gaining all that he lost plus more.  However, before that can happen he has to learn how to accept life and all its surprise.  Sasha Carrington who has always dream of having her own and making her mark has been offered an opportunity of a lifetime to possible gain what she seeks she never expected to find a man who not only sparks her interest but also wins her heart.  The question still remains will her need for independence overrule her heart or will she choose and allow them to have it all.  Sasha and Mitchell have had their downfalls as well as their great moments together & separate but the love that they share is the ultimate sacrifice.

Donna Hill turns up the heat but also make our hero and heroine own up to their downfalls before their true density can take shape.


Miami Attraction

Elaine Overton

Rating four

Man’s Best Friend

Elaine Overton writes a fun loving piece about two individuals with a lot in common especially their love for their furry K9 friends.  Both have past demons that have made them who they are but will these demons let them find happiness together?

Mikayla Shroebr had a problem and that problem was leaving her in a constant bind.  That problem was a two hundred pound mutt who was playful and loving but also simply destructive.  Mikayla knew that something had to be done with Angel and it had to be done soon.  When her last doggie sitter suggest Dusty Warren Mikayla is willing to try anything because in all reality Dusty is her last hope.  Dr. Dusty Warren was a man with a heart for animals and had a reputation for being able to tame the wildest of all but when Dusty comes face to face with Angel he realizes his theory is about to be tested but not before Dusty gives it his all out especially since he’s feeling the pet’s owner.

As the relationship progresses its noticed that as Mikayla opens up she’s learning a male trust is a genuine thing when you don’t feel threaten.  Never having a family tests the resolve when Dusty introduces her to his family.  When issues arise and Dusty finds himself about to lose Mikayla, he does everything in his power to hold on to his love because she has the stability he has been looking for and she is all he knows and recognize as stability.

Elaine has written an exciting story that has its funny moments as well as its tense moments.  The story was a pleasant read.

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Lift Me Higher

Kim Shaw

Rating 4

Life Dreams

Kim Shaw writes a story about life expectancy everyone has to know what he or she want out of life to even be able to have true love.

Torie Turner is an up and coming superstar and who is focus solely on making a name for herself in Hollywood.  When love finds her, she is trying to figure out how to find a balance between her career and the man who has won her love.  Monte Lewis has seen love as well as lost a loved one and with his focus on rising his boys and taking care of his mother Monte was not looking for love.  However, love found him in 5’4” stunning beauty but he felt it was not meant to be fate had better plans that consist with a mild emergency in the form of a stuck elevator.  Monte & Torie find that love has a few tricks but before true love can come to obstacles are determined to dent their relationship.

Kim Shaw writes a fun loving story although the story had a few editing issues the story was quite a lovely read that was heartfelt.

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It Had To Be You

Francis Ray

Rating 5

Different Worlds

Francis Ray returns with the family that everyone has come to love and their close net of friends that we include in their family.  Each of them had a respectable place in the music world but one of them loathe being with the other because of the picture that is painted by the tabloids.

Laurel Raineau was a violinist who everyone in the classical world knew and appreciates however, Laurel questioned her career after the lost of her father and feeling that her best was not given on her last studio piece.  Zachary “Rolling Deep” Wilder was a sensation in his own right having produce artist from all over but now he wants to produce Laurel but she wants nothing to do with him because of what the media has said of him but when love is building and stubbornness and determination is set in place all buttons are pushed.  Neither was looking for love but fate thought otherwise but when his identity is brought to the table all bets are off and Zach is force to push harder than he wants but he knows he has to try to right everything even if it means walking away.

Francis Ray writes an exciting story about two passionate artists who are in love with their music but blinded by their past but to see their love for one another and their love for their music that has brought them together.

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Every Woman Needs a Wife

Naleigha Kai

Strober Books

Rating 4.5

Can I Have A Wife…?

Every Woman Needs a Wife was a provoke read that simply made you laugh, cry, and say YOU GO GIRL all in one.  Nalaiehga Kai writes about things that are often heard about in everyday American except she gave woman something to think about and hope for.  The two heroine’s of this story learn from one another on not only how to be strong females but more necessary being women who won’t stand for issues.

Brandi Spencer has been faithful to her husband for over thirteen years never giving him any reason to question her being faithful but when she gets wind of him and his mistress all hell is about to break loose or a business arrangement that has never been seen before.  Naleigha Kai provokes a thought that not many wives would probably even contemplate but Brandi Spencer is about to take what we consider common property and maintained to a whole new level.  Brandi is making Vernon pay maintained for his mistress who has now become Brandi’s wife as well as the women is helping to maintain the family house all the while repaying her time to the misses.  Tonya Kauffman has come from a hard life and decides that it’s time to get life back on track however when she meets the man who she thinks is going to finally be forever she didn’t know that the man came with a wife who was as clever as they came.  After years of running she finally is ready to settle down and find what she considers the perfect man Vernon “widower with two children” which is perfect because of her situation but when she opens her door one day and find Mrs. Vernon Spencer her world slams down on her. Vernon Spencer was truly a daddy’s boy and wanted to always be the light in his daddy’s eyes so when William Spencer introduces Vernon to the big boys club which is where Vernon learned a lot of his idiotic ways of thinking: the mistress on the side, the wife being at home instead of the board room, and all the other male provoked ideas that leads to Vernon’s ultimate downfall. When he starts borrowing from the business to keep his mistress happy he forgets that his arch enemy or the man who wanted his wife thirteen years ago is the man behind the numbers so when the opportunity arises Michael Cobb makes his move.

When Brandi offers Tonya an opportunity to make up her time for interrupting time with her husband Brandi was doing it out of spite so when Tonya show’s up at the Spencer’s house wanting to take up the offer Brandi takes things to a whole new level.  Vernon is not feeling the situation but Brandi won’t let him off the hook without feeling the heat.  Vernon goes through all hell to gain his family back but when he starts pushing things too far and puts his whole family in danger he soon realizes that being the man is not all that it’s made out to be.  Every Woman Needs a Wife is an excellent quick read that is witty and fun but also an eye opener.

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Cross My Heart

Celeste O Norfleet

Rating 4.5

Love at its Best

Celeste Norfleet writes a heartfelt novel that teaches people that fate has a way of fixing all wrongs.

David Montgomery is the mega superstar who leads a life of paparazzi but has a heart of gold but when he realizes that one woman can change all of that he puts his heart into shutting her down and any situation that could possible make or break him with two ting little ones.  Natalia Cole has always been on helping children so when she decides to have her own children by way of vito fertilization she could not be happier than to see her children beautiful faces.  Facing a devastating blow for grant money from a foundation that had turned her down three times, so when the founder of the organization shows up she is floored thinking his only concern was her center while David thought she was after his money as the two grow closers they find their selves falling in love with one another.

Natalia knows that their lives cannot be together because their lives are different and she feels they have no connection but David knows otherwise and he knows when Natalia find out their connect there will be hell to pay.  Celeste writes on a topic that many do not want to discuss and not did she do it tastefully but she makes it believable and fun.  I cannot wait to see if she brings back characters from this story into other books.


And A Mistress Makes Three

Francis Ray

Rating 4

Francis Ray has created a loving yet touching story about how far love will go to make people realize their needs for one another.

Gina Rawlings is the wife that most men would die for she never questions her husband about his coming or goings and always believes in him when he does not give reasons for things he does.  She takes care of her home and put everyone before herself.  When he walks away to go on to share his life with a better woman as he comes to bring to her attention she is left to pick up the pieces.  With two children, no support from her husband and a business that has seen better days Gina finds herself trying to hold on to her mental state.

Max Broussard is taking the dream that his wife had, making it a reality, and yet still dealing with the fact that she is gone.  With the opening of Journey’s End the Bed & Breakfast that his wife wanted.  When Gina goes to visit the B&B to see if it were the type of place she would recommend she finds herself looking at it with a potential eye but knowing it needs work but after a misplay of words and her children repeating her words she finds herself embarrassed and angered with them and herself.  Max is very gentle to the eye and Gina realizes that but soon finds herself at odds with her body because she feels that she has gained excessively much weight and does not find herself appealing.  However when Max starts to make moves on her they find their selves in a give in and take relationship because Max isn’t sure how to gentle push his way into her life.

As Gina & Max spend more time together Gina begins to realize she deserve happiness and decides to go for it but not before her ex has a accident which leaves him back in her home.  Her children are hopefully that their parents are going to work it out, Max feels at odds because he knows the children want their family but thinks Gina deserves better and Gina is livid because her ex is using the children against her to get his way.  However, what Robert (Gina’s ex) didn’t expect was for his mistress husband to comfort them leading to the final draw and the breaker that caused his children to see the real him.

Celeste de le Vega is an interior designer that many would call a heart breaker.  She has been engaged three times but none of these  men have made her heart stop and start again and make her want to take the walk of forever but when she meets Alec Dunlap she realizes he may be the one to make the push.  Alec is a police officer that is having difficulty doing the job he loves because he is feeling guilty about shooting a man.  Alec is at his brother’s house building him and his new wife a gazebo while they are on their honeymoon.  Celeste is at his brother’s house redecorating the couple’s bedroom.  This causes Alec and Celeste to cross paths constantly.  Alec is trying to fight the attraction between them but Celeste is trying everything in her power to ignite the fire.  When Celeste is taken hostage, Alec has to deal with his feelings and bring them to the table with Celeste.

And A Mistress Makes Three was not what I expected I totally love how Francis took each of her characters and made them stand out as individuals before bringing them into their unique places within the book.  This book is great as a standalone but I get the feeling I am going back to look at the Invincible Women.  As a Charleston native, I would say that Francis hit this on the dime and made everything visually stimulating.  KUDOS to Ray for doing it again.

At Your Service Series by Arabesque (Overall Rating 4.5)


Top Secret Rendezvous

Linda Hudson Smith

Classified Information

Rating 4.5

Zurich Kingdom never thought he would find love nor did he think that love would find him after seeing his father go through life.  He feared becoming his father so he always swore off any long lasting relationship wise so when he meets Hailey Hamilton he does not know what to expect nor does he know what to do.  Hailey presents to him something he never realized before and that is the true person she is.  When Zurich and Hailey first meet they sit down some rules that are good for the both of them until they spend time together when it’s time to depart they find it hard but Hailey finds out one thing about Zurich Kingdom that makes her realize any type of future with him can’t not be possible.

Hailey Hamilton was always the type of person who took her job serious but when she goes on vacation to a resort in southern Texas, she almost wants to forget about her job to simply be able to live a life that allows her a little more freedom especially after she meets Zurich Kingdom.  While she doesn’t allow her feelings to get in the way of what she does for a living but when love finds its way into her heart she doesn’t know what to do until the shocking reality of who Zurich really is.

Hailey & Zurich will have to go trials and tribulations to keep their love alive even with the differences between them.  


Courage Under Fire

Candice Poarch

Rating 4

Fighting for Love

Colonel Neal Allen and Army Nurse Arlene Taft has  to endure the fight the unthinkable fight of their lives the fight of love and fight the war of `Enduring Freedom’ after a great deal of time a part they come face to face after an event changes the life of everyone forever the event of September 11.
Arlene Taft never thought she could love a man again after her husband unexpected death left her dealing with the fact that he had a mistress but when she cares for her child nemesis after he has been injured in the 9/11 mayhem she finds herself falling in love and isn’t sure she can deal with it.
Neal Allen is seriously injured when trying to save people from the burning Pentagon when he is seriously injured he is taken to Walter Reed where Arlene is assigned to take care of him.  April is Neal’s niece whom Arlene falls in love with while she is tending to Neal but all of the factors where affecting her feels and when she starts to feel attraction that he feels for her they both have to take the feeling to a new level that neither is quite sure of.
Arlene had requested overseas orders to get away from the infidelity of her husband, but a year in the half later when Arlene and Neal meet again they are hoping to win a secret battle.  With a secret of great depths hidden, but he wants to believe that Arlene will accept what he has to tell her without breaking off what they have.

Arlene and Neal go on a world wind journey to overcome the past and begin their plan for their future.  Candice takes Courage Under Fire and shows the love of a couple that go to the extreme to find he love that they deserve.


The Glory of Love

Kim Louise

Rating 5

The Love We Had

Kim Louise keeps the Allgood family going through the At Your Service Series.  A perfect relationship was lost due to some insecurities and a sister who decided to explain the truth without double-checking to make sure it was what it need to be but before things could be, explain feelings got hurt and things got said.

Roxanne Allgood knew that all the things in her life that could have gone wrong was letting Storm walk out of her life but with the want to fly as a career she was willing to devote her life to doing just that.  To making it in life, where she wanted to be but not before she finds herself in predicaments that cause her to make decisions in her life that she is an ashamed of but when it happens again and she decides to run with the flow.  Fate finds a way to do itself in she finds herself against a man who does not deal well with the insecurities of life.
Storm is a Navy SEAL who has had his heart crushed in many ways but when he finds himself having to save his ex-girlfriend from a man who he considers a maniac he is not sure what to do.  He has not seen her in over ten years but when he sees her again for the first time, everything he has ever felt for her jolts back to life.  After spending a little over a week with each other, the two realize that they never stop loving each other but instead they only let their self-pride step in the way and never took the time to examine what was really going on in their lives.  After a near death experience and having to trust one another, they find the fire that was missing.


Flying High

Gwynne Forster

Rating 4

Crème of the Corps

Gwynne Forster presents two strong-minded personalities in Flying High who are determine not follow in love and determine to keep at distance as much as possible until an extra person gets involved and starts playing cupid.
U.S. Marine Colonel Nelson Wainwright has been dealt two loses that have affect his every being but when he becomes the sole provider for his nephew his whole life changes before him.  An old injury can cost him his job but never the less making a promise and keeping a promise is what he believes in and he won’t stop until he reach that goal.  Audrey Powers is a physician with a heart of passion but has dealt with many demons that hinder her in so many ways so when her aunt attempts to play match maker she fights with ever sense of being she can until her sympathy gets the best of her and she finds herself attract to Nelson.
As they fight the battles of their past they learn things about each other that they would never suspected come about but they learn to trust each other no matter what and each step of their relationship comes with a reward or a consequence.  The story tells the compassion that is shown the book that many don’t see and that many don’t understand but Gwynne Foster shows the true meaning of the Crème of the Crops as the United States Marine Corps has been known by for a great deal of time.


Fearless Heart

Linda Hudson Smith

The Call of an Airman

Rating 3

Lisa Hudson Smith brings it again with another At Your Service Series this time looking at the enlisted side of the Air Force.  Can love withhold itself against the judicial systems of the United States?

Lorenz Hamilton never thought that fate could tempt him twice.  While on TDY Temporary Duty, he meets up with an old school mate who introduces him to his sister-in-law.  Lorenz was expecting anything to come of the meeting until he meets Taleah Taylor she becomes his angel with little time stateside Taleah and Lorenz make the best of their situation.
Taleah never in her life thought she would fall in love again until she meets Lorenz Hamilton.  Rationally flew out of the window leaving two people in love and just after three dates engage to marry.  It is the only thing that seems to be right to them but before happiness sets in a little down fall has to take place but with love, these two are determined to make it.