Every Woman Needs a Wife

Naleigha Kai

Strober Books

Rating 4.5

Can I Have A Wife…?

Every Woman Needs a Wife was a provoke read that simply made you laugh, cry, and say YOU GO GIRL all in one.  Nalaiehga Kai writes about things that are often heard about in everyday American except she gave woman something to think about and hope for.  The two heroine’s of this story learn from one another on not only how to be strong females but more necessary being women who won’t stand for issues.

Brandi Spencer has been faithful to her husband for over thirteen years never giving him any reason to question her being faithful but when she gets wind of him and his mistress all hell is about to break loose or a business arrangement that has never been seen before.  Naleigha Kai provokes a thought that not many wives would probably even contemplate but Brandi Spencer is about to take what we consider common property and maintained to a whole new level.  Brandi is making Vernon pay maintained for his mistress who has now become Brandi’s wife as well as the women is helping to maintain the family house all the while repaying her time to the misses.  Tonya Kauffman has come from a hard life and decides that it’s time to get life back on track however when she meets the man who she thinks is going to finally be forever she didn’t know that the man came with a wife who was as clever as they came.  After years of running she finally is ready to settle down and find what she considers the perfect man Vernon “widower with two children” which is perfect because of her situation but when she opens her door one day and find Mrs. Vernon Spencer her world slams down on her. Vernon Spencer was truly a daddy’s boy and wanted to always be the light in his daddy’s eyes so when William Spencer introduces Vernon to the big boys club which is where Vernon learned a lot of his idiotic ways of thinking: the mistress on the side, the wife being at home instead of the board room, and all the other male provoked ideas that leads to Vernon’s ultimate downfall. When he starts borrowing from the business to keep his mistress happy he forgets that his arch enemy or the man who wanted his wife thirteen years ago is the man behind the numbers so when the opportunity arises Michael Cobb makes his move.

When Brandi offers Tonya an opportunity to make up her time for interrupting time with her husband Brandi was doing it out of spite so when Tonya show’s up at the Spencer’s house wanting to take up the offer Brandi takes things to a whole new level.  Vernon is not feeling the situation but Brandi won’t let him off the hook without feeling the heat.  Vernon goes through all hell to gain his family back but when he starts pushing things too far and puts his whole family in danger he soon realizes that being the man is not all that it’s made out to be.  Every Woman Needs a Wife is an excellent quick read that is witty and fun but also an eye opener.

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