Cross My Heart

Celeste O Norfleet

Rating 4.5

Love at its Best

Celeste Norfleet writes a heartfelt novel that teaches people that fate has a way of fixing all wrongs.

David Montgomery is the mega superstar who leads a life of paparazzi but has a heart of gold but when he realizes that one woman can change all of that he puts his heart into shutting her down and any situation that could possible make or break him with two ting little ones.  Natalia Cole has always been on helping children so when she decides to have her own children by way of vito fertilization she could not be happier than to see her children beautiful faces.  Facing a devastating blow for grant money from a foundation that had turned her down three times, so when the founder of the organization shows up she is floored thinking his only concern was her center while David thought she was after his money as the two grow closers they find their selves falling in love with one another.

Natalia knows that their lives cannot be together because their lives are different and she feels they have no connection but David knows otherwise and he knows when Natalia find out their connect there will be hell to pay.  Celeste writes on a topic that many do not want to discuss and not did she do it tastefully but she makes it believable and fun.  I cannot wait to see if she brings back characters from this story into other books.

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