Miami Attraction

Elaine Overton

Rating four

Man’s Best Friend

Elaine Overton writes a fun loving piece about two individuals with a lot in common especially their love for their furry K9 friends.  Both have past demons that have made them who they are but will these demons let them find happiness together?

Mikayla Shroebr had a problem and that problem was leaving her in a constant bind.  That problem was a two hundred pound mutt who was playful and loving but also simply destructive.  Mikayla knew that something had to be done with Angel and it had to be done soon.  When her last doggie sitter suggest Dusty Warren Mikayla is willing to try anything because in all reality Dusty is her last hope.  Dr. Dusty Warren was a man with a heart for animals and had a reputation for being able to tame the wildest of all but when Dusty comes face to face with Angel he realizes his theory is about to be tested but not before Dusty gives it his all out especially since he’s feeling the pet’s owner.

As the relationship progresses its noticed that as Mikayla opens up she’s learning a male trust is a genuine thing when you don’t feel threaten.  Never having a family tests the resolve when Dusty introduces her to his family.  When issues arise and Dusty finds himself about to lose Mikayla, he does everything in his power to hold on to his love because she has the stability he has been looking for and she is all he knows and recognize as stability.

Elaine has written an exciting story that has its funny moments as well as its tense moments.  The story was a pleasant read.

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