Prize of a Lifetime (Donna Hill)

Prize of a Lifetime

Donna Hill

Rating 5

How Far Will U Go

Donna Hill writes a seductive fun novel about two individuals who any reader will fall in love with and want to win.  The question still remains can they have both?

Mitch Davenport not only has lost his business but the woman he thought as his forever when he found himself in a financial situation he watched his forever walk out of his life with resentment of his situation.  However, Mitch has been offered the opportunity of a lifetime with the possibility of gaining all that he lost plus more.  However, before that can happen he has to learn how to accept life and all its surprise.  Sasha Carrington who has always dream of having her own and making her mark has been offered an opportunity of a lifetime to possible gain what she seeks she never expected to find a man who not only sparks her interest but also wins her heart.  The question still remains will her need for independence overrule her heart or will she choose and allow them to have it all.  Sasha and Mitchell have had their downfalls as well as their great moments together & separate but the love that they share is the ultimate sacrifice.

Donna Hill turns up the heat but also make our hero and heroine own up to their downfalls before their true density can take shape.

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