Chemistry by Kim Louise





Kim Louise writes a sweet romance that shows how interest draws people but sometimes fate has to play a part to make things go forward.

Kyra Douglas is set on making one thing happen and that is getting her poetry published in a literary magazine that will recognize her for her works. However until that day comes she will continue to work as a techie at Com-Tel America. Kyra has been gone for a month to enjoy a writing retreat and when she returns things have been shaking up a tad bit and when she is, introduce to Race Jennings with his computer problems she finds herself in awe with him. When she finds out that her best friend is dating the new CFO, she looks at him as off limits but not before they share a few heated moments. Race has decisions to make when he finds himself attracted to the techie he realizes that he can’t have both woman and he has to decides and because he was seeing Chantal before he got to know Kyra he does the gentleman thing and goes after Kyra. Fate has a way of playing with people. Race knew the relationship with Chantel was strictly lust but he was not sure if it was worth pursing but when he finds that, she is, interested in poetry he is willing to try it. He likes what he is seeing but when things begin to build and he starts to realize things is not what they seem things begin to make sense and attractions begin to fly.

Kim twists romance and poetry with the corporate world producing a sensual word play story that leaves you with a smile. While the story seem to almost be predictable, it was nice to see a romance writer write a story without any major drama of today’s society.

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