Recipe for Temptation

Recipe for Temptation

Maureen Smith

Rating 5

It is getting HOT…

Maureen Smith brings the heat out of the kitchen in a way that makes you not look at a kitchen the same again.

Reese St. James has had it after losing a longtime patient the OB/GYN realizes she’s burnt out and on edge of a emotional and physical breakdown and rather than risk a patient’s life and her career she takes a two month sabbatical to Atlanta, Georgia where she her mind set on finding her way again and evaluating life. Never in her dreams did she think that she would come to meet a man she has idolize from afar and fantasize about being in her bed but when she finds herself in Michael Wolfe’s restaurant enjoying a meal to only look up and see the man himself she’s besides herself and not exactly sure what to do. When things are turned up and Michael attempts to bust her in a lie that he believes she has told she soon finds herself looking at him as if he is the Devil himself. Michael Wolf is a man who everyone knows from television to his restaurant but when he sees Reese sitting in his Atlanta restaurant eating by herself he is intrigued by her. He has no problem expressing his interest but when he’s told she’s a food critic and he realizes she’s not who she says she is he’s furious and determined to get back at her. Michael soon learns that Reese is really whom she really is he feels like a fool and attempts to go out of his way to apologize and regain his footing with her. When the two go head to head and they both realize the mistake they are determined to make the best out of what’s there but when they attempt to protect their hearts and words are said that can cause a rift almost not fixable their true feelings are put to the tested. Everyone around them can feel the heat and sizzle even their viewers on the cooking show can see it but will Reese accepted before it is too late.

Maureen Smith took us back to meet a few characters from Taming the Wolf as well as A Touch of Heaven and she got two secondary characters from both of these books and gave them a story within this story itself. Maureen can take a story and make you fall in love with every character wanting to see them again and again I look forward to the next extension of this group when she brings back two people Michael well respects.

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