Sultury Storms

Sultry Storms

Rating 4

The Good, the Bad, and the Oh-Oh

Destiny and Karma are the only things that could explain this couple. Mia & Stephen were made for each other or at least Stephen knew Mia was made for him. He was so sure of this that he was willing to be patient and wait for the right time. Stephen never thought Mia would risk her life to save what she consider so precious and what he already owned. His secrets could kill what could possibly be a passionate encounter.

Mia James never knew that feeling of guilt could drive you crazy. But she learned that lesson the hard way when her ex-fiancé jacked up her father’s estate. She is ready to kill him but first she must do everything in her power fix the damage before she loses everything. Driving into the middle of a hurricane is nothing compared to the guilt she feels and her need to fix the damage left behind by her ex. A hurricane feels like nothing until she meets Sheriff Stephens who knows who she is but does not let on until the time is right because of fear of losing the woman of his dreams.

Stephen knows that when Mia figures out his secret there will be hell to pay, possibly losing everything he has ever dreamed of. Stephen has done everything to keep the secrets he harbors from Mia but with her friends in Atlanta doing the research and with him falling deeper in love he never realizes that the information could later slap him in the face.

A storm brewing with a passionate interlude what more could you ask for. Sultry Storms reminds everyone that true love can bypass all else because soul mates will always win in the end.

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