Sweet Deception

Sweet Deception

Rochelle Alers

Rating 4.5

Second Chances

Rochelle Alers returns with the second Eaton. Mr. Myles Eaton a law professor who lost his first love to deception but will do anything to regain what he lost for he never let go.

Zabrian Mixon was heads over heels in love with Myles Eaton but when her father’s life is put into her hands with a simple decision Zabrina finds herself giving up her future an sacrificing her life to allow her father to live but she knew Myles was dealt the worst of the hand. Zabrina lived a lie for more than a decade and after her father and husband died she was freed to live her life but life had away to reward her for her compassion. Myles Eaton had fallen head first in love with his sister’s best friend and when he finds himself engaged to her he considers himself lucky to have the woman of his dreams. With one phone call she shattered that dream but when he sees her after a decade he’s still hasn’t gotten over her so when he finds himself in her presence again he’s looking for answers. Those answers are only answers Zabrina can give him but as she starts providing the answers he seeks, he realizes why he loved her and has accepted the second chance. As the two attempts to put their lives back together, they learn that their love was sacrificed to save two lives.

Rochelle Aleres writes a story full of love, compassion, and forgiveness. The story reminds us that love can whether any storm.

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