Trail of Kisses

Trail of Kisses

Michelle Monkou

Rating 4

Kimani Romance

Falling in love again

Asia Crawford has lost her job due to the struggling economy. Her sorority sisters decide to cheer her up by sending her away for a few weeks of rest at a resort in the Colorado Rockies. Trace Gunthrey is a widower with a twelve year old who is having a hard time adjusting to life without her mother. Trace decides it is time for an intervention and sends his daughter to a behavioral boot camp for two weeks.

With karma in the air Trace, Hannah, and Asia find themselves with reservations for the same cabin.  With no way to fix the mix up, they are forced to stay in the cabin together. For Asia this trip was suppose to be to help her come up with a better game plan for her life. Finding love and a readymade family was not in the plans. Trace, a judge that often plays the role of guardian angel to many youths, cannot seem to get through to his own child.  When Trace finds himself falling in love with the woman that connects with his child, he will do everything to convince her to trust him.  When Asia learns to trust herself and go after what she wants she finds that happily ever after is for her.

Michelle Monkou writes the first story to The Ladies of Distinction series and does a fantastic job. This book was a great read because at the end of the day you realize that yes we put our lives into our jobs but what happens when everything on the home front falls apart and when the career falls apart we have to find our footing in life. Michelle writes a story that reminds people to live and love.

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