Through The Fire

Through The Fire

Donna Hill

Rating 4.5

To Live & To Love

Donna Hill writes a soul stirring love affair novel about two people who have loved and simply lost it all or so they thought.  The novel was a slow start but as it begin to pick up all the emotions truly came out and the characters are simply real and almost touchable.

Quentin Parker has lived the life and been in the limelight as well as been in the dumps but where meets Raw Lindsay he soon finds out that the act of feeling sorry for himself and not living was no longer a option.  Rae was his future and she was taking him with all the baggage, dents, and issues he had.  Raw Lindsay has made decisions that have cost her greatly but when she finds herself face to face with Quentin Parker and realizes she wants to live, again she will go the extent of facing her demons to regain her life.  With their headstrong and stubborn personalities the relationship is bound to have their bumps in the road but can the two get past their past to get to their future.

This is one of Donna Hill’s greatest pieces not only does she truly show emotion but she pushes the characters further in finding their selves and learning to trust again

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Heart’s Secret by Adrianne Byrd Rating 3

Heart’s Secret

Adrianne Byrd

Rating 3

Project Runway vs. Wall Street

When you start this novel, think Donald Trump but add a little chocolate and down the age some and then throw in Tyra Banks because in this story well Wall Street meets Top Model. Adrianne Byrd spins a story on the rich and famous dating services and how far families will go to keep a clean breed when it comes to expanding their families.

Jaxon Landon is tired of his grandparents nagging about him settling down so he decides to get them off of his back by devising the perfect plan of bringing a woman to them and presenting her as his finance but never once did he think that his plan could very well back fire in his face. He’s known to many as the Prince of Wall Street woman are dying to be with him and he can have his pick of woman by he can’t seem to get his grandparents to understand that so when he introduces Kitty a dancer from a night spot he favors he had never suspected that his grandmother had meddle. She has possibly with the help of her matchmaker granddaughter found his kinder soul. Zora Campbell had found herself alone yet successful but when her best friend who also doubles as a professional matchmaker comes to her asking for a favor Zora never knew that this favor could change her life and put her in a situation where happiness may very well cost her because of her little white lie that wasn’t really hers. Zora knew men wanted her because of her looks and what she had but she wanted a man who could meet her on her level and appreciate her for her so when she meets Jaxon at his grandparents anniversary she is struck by his beauty but upset with his fiancée. When she finds herself between two men who do not have a care for one another, she finds out how far everyone will go to get what they are destined for.

Adrianne Byrd has seemed to somehow or another brought woman’s fiction into romance over the past few books. I’ve recently seen I’ve found words that are almost never been mention in our black romances and at this point it makes me come to pick up a book with Adrianne Byrd’s name on it and look at it as a woman’s fiction instead of a romance. Truthfully, this book was good until you get to certain parts where you have to stop and wonder if you purchased an erotica or a Kimani Romance. While Mrs. Byrd has a great romance writing history, she is starting to lose me a reader of her romance novel. But overall the book was a great read without a few scenes that could have been without she touches on subjects that are real and in our world and she handles them with care and makes the story and stronger story.

Prize of a Lifetime (Donna Hill)

Prize of a Lifetime

Donna Hill

Rating 5

How Far Will U Go

Donna Hill writes a seductive fun novel about two individuals who any reader will fall in love with and want to win.  The question still remains can they have both?

Mitch Davenport not only has lost his business but the woman he thought as his forever when he found himself in a financial situation he watched his forever walk out of his life with resentment of his situation.  However, Mitch has been offered the opportunity of a lifetime with the possibility of gaining all that he lost plus more.  However, before that can happen he has to learn how to accept life and all its surprise.  Sasha Carrington who has always dream of having her own and making her mark has been offered an opportunity of a lifetime to possible gain what she seeks she never expected to find a man who not only sparks her interest but also wins her heart.  The question still remains will her need for independence overrule her heart or will she choose and allow them to have it all.  Sasha and Mitchell have had their downfalls as well as their great moments together & separate but the love that they share is the ultimate sacrifice.

Donna Hill turns up the heat but also make our hero and heroine own up to their downfalls before their true density can take shape.