When It Feels So Right

When It Feels So Right

Celeste O Norfleet

Rating 4

Past vs. Future

Celeste Norfleet writes a story about an exciting family who goes to the limits to protect each other. However, love will put everyone to the test.

Joanna Butler has been given the task of ghostwriting a memoir for a powerful family. A family that goes the limits to keep their past where it is buried in the family’s home but what no one has realized was love had brought this story out so when Jacob Buchanan decides to let the story be told the family thought it was another one of his not so sane moments. That is when they send in their PR media specialist none other than Andre Buchanan the family front man. Andre will stop at nothing to protect his family but when everything he dishes out backfires on him and he finds himself opening up but not before everything, he has set in motion before his discovery returns and finds him with a decision of love or family.

Celeste takes us on an adventure of Alaska introducing us to things that make the reader want to go visit for their selves to see if it is actually there. I would love to hear more about the Buchanan family.

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Second Chance, Baby by AC Arthur

AC Arthur

AC Arthur

Rating: 4

Finding Love Again

SECOND CHANCE, BABY is a heartfelt novel that explores the joys, heartaches, and responsibilities of love. A.C. Arthur adds her personal flair to the Braddrock’s: Secret Son continuity.

Tyson Braddrock was the middle child to Congressman Harmon Braddrock and always felt he needed to prove himself to his father, siblings, as well as his wife. When he allows work to overpower his marriage Felicia Braddrock, his college sweetheart does the only thing she knew she left him.

Felicia Braddrock knew that her husband loved her however; he was never around to show in love so with the sheer will power she did the only things she knew she left him. When Felicia finds herself pregnant, she is at war for a way to fix the situation with Ty.

A.C. Arthur shows how a family stands unity in the best and worst times. SECOND CHANCE, BABY was a heartfelt read with just the right touch that only AC Arthur can present.