Sultury Storms

Sultry Storms

Rating 4

The Good, the Bad, and the Oh-Oh

Destiny and Karma are the only things that could explain this couple. Mia & Stephen were made for each other or at least Stephen knew Mia was made for him. He was so sure of this that he was willing to be patient and wait for the right time. Stephen never thought Mia would risk her life to save what she consider so precious and what he already owned. His secrets could kill what could possibly be a passionate encounter.

Mia James never knew that feeling of guilt could drive you crazy. But she learned that lesson the hard way when her ex-fiancé jacked up her father’s estate. She is ready to kill him but first she must do everything in her power fix the damage before she loses everything. Driving into the middle of a hurricane is nothing compared to the guilt she feels and her need to fix the damage left behind by her ex. A hurricane feels like nothing until she meets Sheriff Stephens who knows who she is but does not let on until the time is right because of fear of losing the woman of his dreams.

Stephen knows that when Mia figures out his secret there will be hell to pay, possibly losing everything he has ever dreamed of. Stephen has done everything to keep the secrets he harbors from Mia but with her friends in Atlanta doing the research and with him falling deeper in love he never realizes that the information could later slap him in the face.

A storm brewing with a passionate interlude what more could you ask for. Sultry Storms reminds everyone that true love can bypass all else because soul mates will always win in the end.

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Miami Attraction

Elaine Overton

Rating four

Man’s Best Friend

Elaine Overton writes a fun loving piece about two individuals with a lot in common especially their love for their furry K9 friends.  Both have past demons that have made them who they are but will these demons let them find happiness together?

Mikayla Shroebr had a problem and that problem was leaving her in a constant bind.  That problem was a two hundred pound mutt who was playful and loving but also simply destructive.  Mikayla knew that something had to be done with Angel and it had to be done soon.  When her last doggie sitter suggest Dusty Warren Mikayla is willing to try anything because in all reality Dusty is her last hope.  Dr. Dusty Warren was a man with a heart for animals and had a reputation for being able to tame the wildest of all but when Dusty comes face to face with Angel he realizes his theory is about to be tested but not before Dusty gives it his all out especially since he’s feeling the pet’s owner.

As the relationship progresses its noticed that as Mikayla opens up she’s learning a male trust is a genuine thing when you don’t feel threaten.  Never having a family tests the resolve when Dusty introduces her to his family.  When issues arise and Dusty finds himself about to lose Mikayla, he does everything in his power to hold on to his love because she has the stability he has been looking for and she is all he knows and recognize as stability.

Elaine has written an exciting story that has its funny moments as well as its tense moments.  The story was a pleasant read.

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Cross My Heart

Celeste O Norfleet

Rating 4.5

Love at its Best

Celeste Norfleet writes a heartfelt novel that teaches people that fate has a way of fixing all wrongs.

David Montgomery is the mega superstar who leads a life of paparazzi but has a heart of gold but when he realizes that one woman can change all of that he puts his heart into shutting her down and any situation that could possible make or break him with two ting little ones.  Natalia Cole has always been on helping children so when she decides to have her own children by way of vito fertilization she could not be happier than to see her children beautiful faces.  Facing a devastating blow for grant money from a foundation that had turned her down three times, so when the founder of the organization shows up she is floored thinking his only concern was her center while David thought she was after his money as the two grow closers they find their selves falling in love with one another.

Natalia knows that their lives cannot be together because their lives are different and she feels they have no connection but David knows otherwise and he knows when Natalia find out their connect there will be hell to pay.  Celeste writes on a topic that many do not want to discuss and not did she do it tastefully but she makes it believable and fun.  I cannot wait to see if she brings back characters from this story into other books.

Temperature Rising (Rating 3.5)

Mother Nature Match Maker #1

Mother Nature Match Maker #1

Eye of the Storm
Brenda Jackson has launched the Mother Nature Matchmaker with a tempting couple who are both stubborn but also passionate about their desires in life.

Sherri Griffin is a successful radio producer looking to take over her uncle radio station when the time arrives but after being jolted in a relationship, Sherri has sworn off men temporarily but have also sworn off men who have no promise for the future or no promise of commitment.

Terrance Jefferies aka Holy Terror on the football team has been known to be a stubborn person who always got what he wanted no matter what and it just so happens Terrance wants Sherri and she’s throwing up blocks left and right because she’s not willing to get her feelings hurt again. Terrance is not willing to stop pursing her until he figures out why he has this desire to be with her.

When a hurricane leaves the two of them stuck at the radio station together holding down the weather reports and other important aspects that come with working in the media the two find their selves tasting the limits of keeping their hands to their selves. Sherri finds out some rather interesting information about Terrance that sets her off again and Terrance can do nothing but force his way back into her heart.

Brenda has produced apiece based off one of the most deadly storms that can hit the south and has turned it into a passionate climax of two people falling in love.

Sercet Agenda: A Hideawy Series

Book #13

Book #13

Rating 5
Certified Classic


Rochelle Alers returns with her thirteenth Hideaway book bringing us a glimpse into the lives of the children of the men & women we fell in love with a decade or more ago.

Diego Cole-Thomas is his grand papa’s twin when it comes to running a business not only is he intimidating to many but he’s a private man who goes after what he wants and doesn’t stop till he gets it. Diego has been on the search for an assistant who can balance his life and business life but with a few stipulations so when he meets Vivienne Kay Neal he is at awe with the woman presented to him because he realizes she does not fear him, which only makes him respect her more.

Vivienne had been at odds with herself when her husband had been killed but she also knew that her marriage had been over way before it could really start. Playing the grieving widow had driven her nuts leaving her to find exile away from it all. However when she finds herself going toe to toe with Diego she refuses to become an arm ornament and she pushes his buttons to get responses to see what worked and what got what.

Diego & Vivienne cross the line of employee and employer taking an office relationship to a completely new level. Rochelle does an excellent job of allowing Diego & Vivienne playing alpha characters without taking away from the book.

I cannot wait for book number fourteen. Who will it be?