Safe in His Embrace

Safe in His Embrace

Candice Poarch

Rating 4

Running from You

Candice Poarch writes a sensual story that teaches us how far someone goes to protect their heart and to protect their life but our hearts cannot be protected from true love.

Senetra Blain has been on the run from her ex-husband who has been able to avoid any type of punishments from the various abuses he has put her through. Force to go to a place where he would not think to look for her she is force to reconstruct her life to the point to where she does not even make contact with her mother directly. Senetra recreates whom she is to name herself Regina Novak but when she meets someone who is close to her home state she finds herself retreating but not before, she finds herself curious about him and with that little bit of curiosity he breaks through the wall she has put around her heart. He gets there slowly but surely and soon they are dating but not before he makes the mistake of blurting out her real name during a weekend getaway that sends her running for her life thinking that her ex-husband has found her. Alex Wilson sees Senetra and knows who she is but decides for whatever reason she is living in Alaska as Regina he would wait for her to feel close enough to him to provide the information. He has gradually fallen in love with her but a moment in bliss leads to him giving away what he knows and it puts her on the defensive leaving him with the time of his life on his hands getting her to believe him and trying to win her back. While Alex and Senetra are dealing with their problems and trying to reach beyond a point that can lead them to a happy life Senetra mother is trying to reach her without avail to get her information that can possible bring her back home. Not before, she opens up a lifeline that provides extra opportunity for Senetra to learn how to love again.

Candice Poarch writes an excellent story that teaches us that learning to love is something that is hard once it has been broken. I love how Candice bridges families together and bring them back to become one and how she takes us on a visual tour of Alaska.

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The Object of His Protection Brenda Jackson

Object of His Protection

Object of His Protection

The Object of His Protection

Brenda Jackson

Rating: 4.5

THE OBJECT OF HIS PROTECTION is a fast pace in your face romantic suspense fill with answers that we all have been waiting on for four months.

Drey St. John was a man that many did not cross but what he has pulled into an investigation that turns out to be a lot closer to home than he realizes. He finds himself wanting answers as well as closure. Charlene Anderson was an all work – no play type person so when Drey comes to her for assistance she has no problem helping him out until she finds herself in more danger than she knows.

Drey & Charlene had already been fighting their attraction to one another so when they find their selves spending a great deal of time together they have no choice but to act on the heated sparks.

Brenda Jackson does a tasteful job on bringing the Braddock’s family to a close as well as the continuity.