Queen of His Heart

Queen of His Hearts

Adrianne Byrd

Review Rating 4

Cat N Mouse

Adrianne Byrd writes an exciting intense story about soul mates with all the odds and circumstances set against them coming together. Only a little divine intervention will make a happily ever after for this couple.

Spa owner, Jalila Goodwin has met nothing but losers and duds in her search for a knight in shining armor. When Jalila is offered the opportunity of a lifetime, she finds herself in an intense situation that could lead to love or more heartache. Keenan Armstrong, an executive producer in a rut. When Keenan partner thrusts reality television in his face he finds himself wondering if he could pull it off. The last thing he expected was to start having feeling for the subject of his new show. Will these two be able to find real love in the middle of a reality show?

Adrianne Byrd writes a hilarious girlfriend read that would have the women howling in laughter. Even the secondary characters had their own sideline drama that added to this hilarious story. The only negative situation I found in this book was the hero need to drop the F bomb when wanting to be intimate with his heroine. As well as some of the requested and the actions of the heroine once or twice, it was necessary for me to look at the cover of the book wondering to myself if I was reading an erotica piece instead of a romance.

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Heart’s Secret by Adrianne Byrd Rating 3

Heart’s Secret

Adrianne Byrd

Rating 3

Project Runway vs. Wall Street

When you start this novel, think Donald Trump but add a little chocolate and down the age some and then throw in Tyra Banks because in this story well Wall Street meets Top Model. Adrianne Byrd spins a story on the rich and famous dating services and how far families will go to keep a clean breed when it comes to expanding their families.

Jaxon Landon is tired of his grandparents nagging about him settling down so he decides to get them off of his back by devising the perfect plan of bringing a woman to them and presenting her as his finance but never once did he think that his plan could very well back fire in his face. He’s known to many as the Prince of Wall Street woman are dying to be with him and he can have his pick of woman by he can’t seem to get his grandparents to understand that so when he introduces Kitty a dancer from a night spot he favors he had never suspected that his grandmother had meddle. She has possibly with the help of her matchmaker granddaughter found his kinder soul. Zora Campbell had found herself alone yet successful but when her best friend who also doubles as a professional matchmaker comes to her asking for a favor Zora never knew that this favor could change her life and put her in a situation where happiness may very well cost her because of her little white lie that wasn’t really hers. Zora knew men wanted her because of her looks and what she had but she wanted a man who could meet her on her level and appreciate her for her so when she meets Jaxon at his grandparents anniversary she is struck by his beauty but upset with his fiancée. When she finds herself between two men who do not have a care for one another, she finds out how far everyone will go to get what they are destined for.

Adrianne Byrd has seemed to somehow or another brought woman’s fiction into romance over the past few books. I’ve recently seen I’ve found words that are almost never been mention in our black romances and at this point it makes me come to pick up a book with Adrianne Byrd’s name on it and look at it as a woman’s fiction instead of a romance. Truthfully, this book was good until you get to certain parts where you have to stop and wonder if you purchased an erotica or a Kimani Romance. While Mrs. Byrd has a great romance writing history, she is starting to lose me a reader of her romance novel. But overall the book was a great read without a few scenes that could have been without she touches on subjects that are real and in our world and she handles them with care and makes the story and stronger story.

Chemistry by Kim Louise





Kim Louise writes a sweet romance that shows how interest draws people but sometimes fate has to play a part to make things go forward.

Kyra Douglas is set on making one thing happen and that is getting her poetry published in a literary magazine that will recognize her for her works. However until that day comes she will continue to work as a techie at Com-Tel America. Kyra has been gone for a month to enjoy a writing retreat and when she returns things have been shaking up a tad bit and when she is, introduce to Race Jennings with his computer problems she finds herself in awe with him. When she finds out that her best friend is dating the new CFO, she looks at him as off limits but not before they share a few heated moments. Race has decisions to make when he finds himself attracted to the techie he realizes that he can’t have both woman and he has to decides and because he was seeing Chantal before he got to know Kyra he does the gentleman thing and goes after Kyra. Fate has a way of playing with people. Race knew the relationship with Chantel was strictly lust but he was not sure if it was worth pursing but when he finds that, she is, interested in poetry he is willing to try it. He likes what he is seeing but when things begin to build and he starts to realize things is not what they seem things begin to make sense and attractions begin to fly.

Kim twists romance and poetry with the corporate world producing a sensual word play story that leaves you with a smile. While the story seem to almost be predictable, it was nice to see a romance writer write a story without any major drama of today’s society.

Campaign for Seduction Rating 5


Gamble 4 Luv

Ann Christopher delivers a hot stopper. Campaign for Seduction was sizzling hot amber of a book that kept my attention from beginning to end.


Liza Wilson has had a fail marriage but has become a successful journalist now that she has a chance to clinch the spotlight she refuses to allow anything to stop her until she meets Senator Jonathan Warner who is also running for president. Liza has other ideas in her mind when the sparks between the flow. Senator Jonathan Warner has found himself in a situation where he is behind in the polls and in love with a journalist who he thought did not know he existed unless it dealt with a personal interview. Jonathan knew he had to have Liza but the question became would she give up her career for him or would a scandal end both of their careers. John is determined to have his way to win it all from his personal life to his professional life and he goes the limit to make it happen.

I can’t wait to go back and check out the first book of the Warner family but one thing I would love for Ann to answer is… will Jillian get her own book?

Wrong Dress, Right Man (Rating 3)

Mac & Cinammon

Mac & Cinammon


Shirley Hailstock writes a comedic story about a man and woman who swear against relationships due to past relationships however, fate has a different idea.

Cinnamon Scott has realized that she has wasted her time in Boston because no one seems to take her serious therefore; she worries about making moves in her career so when her grandmother passes and leaves her a home she is presented a opportunity. However, her fresh start was not a smooth transition as she thought especially after a dress shows up at her house that is not hers.

Mackenzie Grier is deadest against weddings ever since he was jilted at his own wedding. Mac as he is affectionately known seems to have been invited to every wedding in the town. Mac sister Allison is getting married and is running him raged but when Allison’s dress ends up at Cinnamon’s home, which happens to be a place he had stayed when he needed solitude.

As Cinnamon’s story gets out Mac finds himself more intrigued as well as curious about her but when the charade of a wedding surrounding Cinnamon’s wedding gets out there Mac finds himself attempting to protect her but they find theirs eves linked to the point people assume they are getting married all because of a ring. While this story started with a comedic flare the book seem to lose its flow by chapter four and it did not pick back up until towards the last four chapters. While the male character was perfectly described, the author fails to describe the female. Mrs. Hailstock is a favorite author of mine and I cannot wait for her next work.

Man of Fortune (The Best Man Mini Series) Rating 5

Duncan Gilmore D.G.

Duncan Gilmore D.G.


One Man’s Misery Is Another’s Passion

Rochelle Alers brings the second installment of the Best Man miniseries. She brings the thing that every woman tends to pray about and that is a good man except Rochelle gives this man flaws that he accepts and works towards making it better.

Duncan Gilmore affectionately known to his friends as D.G. is the trios financial advisor who has had his share of losses that have affected his life tremendously that leads him to simply distance himself from females who get to close. When he meets Dr. Wolcott in an elevator after they are stuck on it due to a malfunction he finds himself intrigued with the enigma of a woman before him. DG past keeps resurfacing and when a piece of his past causes her to walk away he finds himself pushing past the pain to gain what he finds to be his reason.

Dr. Tamara Wolcott was the passionate emergency room doctor who loved her job and the rush that went with it. After a fail marriage and a hard childhood, she finally finds herself. However with it came some restrictions she set for herself so when she meets Duncan she finds herself throwing up everything she knows to make him back off but when Duncan pushes forwards she takes a chance to see what would become of the situation.

Tamara & Duncan both have past situations that make them complex people but make them a dynamic couple but when issues arise it cause a break that almost becomes a repeat of their past just in different reflection. Once again, Rochelle has given us a glimpse of a good man with the air about himself but he has earned it. I cannot wait to meet Ivan Campbell on a more personal level as Rochelle close out the trio.

Bittersweet Love (Rating 4)

Eaton #1

I Love U/I Hate U

Rochelle introduces a new of family educators who seem to need a little education their selves.

Belinda Eaton never saw herself as a parent but when she becomes the mother to her nieces as well as her goddaughters after a tragic accident she finds herself dealing with the man she had come to dislike Griffin Rice is her nieces’ uncle/godfather. When she finds herself having to co raise the girls with him she realizes her life is going to change for the better or worse she’s not sure yet.

Griffin Rice is a prominent lawyer who enjoys dating and women but when he finds himself, a father to his twin nieces he realizes that life is not always about parties. He starts to realize that he wants to make an impact on their lives but not before, he finds himself falling for their aunt who he had always considered stuck-up.

Griffin & Belinda have found their selves looking at each other in a new light as they begin to spend more time together but when tragedy strikes close to home it helps Griffin and Belinda realize their feelings for one another. Rochelle writes an extremely strong story dealing with delicate issues without losing focus on the romance of the story. Rochelle’s characters were strong as well as real cannot wait until we meet the next Eaton to meet their match.

Man of Fate (The Best Man Miniseries) Rochelle Alers (Rating 4)

The First of the Triology

The First of the Triology

1 cup of faith, 1/3 cup of fate, and a good man equals the best man

Rochelle Alers brings us a man who is the epitome of grace and beauty but he is also a very passionate man who finds himself falling in love. When he realizes he is in love he falls with grace, which makes him the replica of a great man.

Kyle Chatman is a lawyer who knows what he wants and often goes to get what he wants with a confidence that allows him to come back successful. When he finds himself in a fender binder he finds himself intrigued by the cause of the fender bender Miss Ava Warrick who he comes to realize is a lady who is independent and very well spoken as well as educated and he finds himself wanting to know her more. Kyle never thought he would find the day when he found himself so intrigued with a woman that he would change the way he did things to please that women.

Ava Warrick was always weary of men from experience with relationships she had encounter and after finally decided that she could be a mommy as well as an independent woman without marrying a man. Ava is a compassionate social worker who seems to be still finding herself when she encounters Kyle she finds him to be a pompous, arrogant attorney but as she gets to know him she finds him to be a very compassionate complex person.

Ava & Kyle enjoy their selves with no true definition to who they really are until they both find their selves falling in love with one another while Kyle is willingly open about his feelings Ava holds back for various reasons and its cause a slight power struggle to their relationship. While everyone around them notices them falling in love it is Ava who struggles with it.

Rochelle gives us the perfect story about a man who never thought marriage was in the cards for him until he meets the perfect women who fits him and his temperament. While it seems that Ava was slighted in her character, she still presented a slight lag but she also represented a scorn woman and therefore Rochelle’s characters were characters we can always relate with. I cannot wait to read Duncan and Ivan’s story as I suspect these two stories will be rather interesting especially Mr. DG who seems to be more intense one. Rochelle has once again given us men to read about when we feel that good men aren’t out there she gives us the true meaning of a good man even when they have their own flaws.

Temperature Rising (Rating 3.5)

Mother Nature Match Maker #1

Mother Nature Match Maker #1

Eye of the Storm
Brenda Jackson has launched the Mother Nature Matchmaker with a tempting couple who are both stubborn but also passionate about their desires in life.

Sherri Griffin is a successful radio producer looking to take over her uncle radio station when the time arrives but after being jolted in a relationship, Sherri has sworn off men temporarily but have also sworn off men who have no promise for the future or no promise of commitment.

Terrance Jefferies aka Holy Terror on the football team has been known to be a stubborn person who always got what he wanted no matter what and it just so happens Terrance wants Sherri and she’s throwing up blocks left and right because she’s not willing to get her feelings hurt again. Terrance is not willing to stop pursing her until he figures out why he has this desire to be with her.

When a hurricane leaves the two of them stuck at the radio station together holding down the weather reports and other important aspects that come with working in the media the two find their selves tasting the limits of keeping their hands to their selves. Sherri finds out some rather interesting information about Terrance that sets her off again and Terrance can do nothing but force his way back into her heart.

Brenda has produced apiece based off one of the most deadly storms that can hit the south and has turned it into a passionate climax of two people falling in love.

Sercet Agenda: A Hideawy Series

Book #13

Book #13

Rating 5
Certified Classic


Rochelle Alers returns with her thirteenth Hideaway book bringing us a glimpse into the lives of the children of the men & women we fell in love with a decade or more ago.

Diego Cole-Thomas is his grand papa’s twin when it comes to running a business not only is he intimidating to many but he’s a private man who goes after what he wants and doesn’t stop till he gets it. Diego has been on the search for an assistant who can balance his life and business life but with a few stipulations so when he meets Vivienne Kay Neal he is at awe with the woman presented to him because he realizes she does not fear him, which only makes him respect her more.

Vivienne had been at odds with herself when her husband had been killed but she also knew that her marriage had been over way before it could really start. Playing the grieving widow had driven her nuts leaving her to find exile away from it all. However when she finds herself going toe to toe with Diego she refuses to become an arm ornament and she pushes his buttons to get responses to see what worked and what got what.

Diego & Vivienne cross the line of employee and employer taking an office relationship to a completely new level. Rochelle does an excellent job of allowing Diego & Vivienne playing alpha characters without taking away from the book.

I cannot wait for book number fourteen. Who will it be?