Swept Away

Swept Away

Rating 3.5

Gwynne Forster


Although the book starts out slow it picks up and takes the reader on an interesting walk through a relationship that has a large dynamic created that will either break the relationship or enhance it.

Schyuler Henderson is an Advocate for Children in foster homes but he’s also an engineer who has a deep priority to those who can’t help their selves.  When he learns about the injury of a young girl who is in the career of an agency that has a lasting reputation he goes for the jugular never realizing that the ending results could be deferential to him later.  When Veronica learns of the chargers and find herself looking like the bad guy she is determine to clear her name and help keep the Agency reputation at its stellar level but afterwards it’s time for her to take some time for herself to figure out who she is but there are secrets that could injured both parties before there’s opportunity for repairs.

The story itself had a lot of secondary characters who had stories within their selves that made this story even realer for the reader not only did the characters remind you of people but they touch your hearts in ways that not many authors can pull together however Gwynne Forster pulls out the stops and writes a three dimensional story that is a heart touchier.

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Deadly Sexy by Beverly Jenkins Rating 5

Beverly Jenkins takes us on a fun ride of the inside workings of the sports world not only does she offer the glitz and glamour but she takes us on the business side where things just get downright nasty.

JT Blake is Los Angeles’ toughest and sexiest sports agent. Lady B as she’s called is able to negotiate contracts, quote players’ stats, play a mean game of Madden football and keep her sometime, overprotective, multimillion dollar, clients in line without breaking a sweat. Every man who has encounter her has been in awe of her and has tried to win the hand of Lady B but no one has been able to match wits with her until she meets Reese Anthony.
While driving an eighteen-wheeler on California’s I-5 to San Francisco, Reese stops to help what appeared to be a damsel in distress. He quickly learned that not only was she beautiful but she was also very knowledgeable of sports and cars. Reese offered JT a ride back to Oakland and the sparks immediately began to ignite. However, there was more to Reese then he let on. He was not just your average truck driver. He was actually an ex-Detroit vice cop turned attorney, who is also the a major factor of his father’s trucking company but just recently Reese has landed a position as the head investigator for one of the leagues investigation  team. Little did he know, he would also have to protect JT as well?

As always Beverly Jenkins brings it when she wrote this. As an avid Jenkins fan, I can defiantly say I love how she ties history into all her pieces and keeps everything realistic. Kudos Mrs. Jenkins.