Through The Fire

Through The Fire

Donna Hill

Rating 4.5

To Live & To Love

Donna Hill writes a soul stirring love affair novel about two people who have loved and simply lost it all or so they thought.  The novel was a slow start but as it begin to pick up all the emotions truly came out and the characters are simply real and almost touchable.

Quentin Parker has lived the life and been in the limelight as well as been in the dumps but where meets Raw Lindsay he soon finds out that the act of feeling sorry for himself and not living was no longer a option.  Rae was his future and she was taking him with all the baggage, dents, and issues he had.  Raw Lindsay has made decisions that have cost her greatly but when she finds herself face to face with Quentin Parker and realizes she wants to live, again she will go the extent of facing her demons to regain her life.  With their headstrong and stubborn personalities the relationship is bound to have their bumps in the road but can the two get past their past to get to their future.

This is one of Donna Hill’s greatest pieces not only does she truly show emotion but she pushes the characters further in finding their selves and learning to trust again

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It Had To Be You

Francis Ray

Rating 5

Different Worlds

Francis Ray returns with the family that everyone has come to love and their close net of friends that we include in their family.  Each of them had a respectable place in the music world but one of them loathe being with the other because of the picture that is painted by the tabloids.

Laurel Raineau was a violinist who everyone in the classical world knew and appreciates however, Laurel questioned her career after the lost of her father and feeling that her best was not given on her last studio piece.  Zachary “Rolling Deep” Wilder was a sensation in his own right having produce artist from all over but now he wants to produce Laurel but she wants nothing to do with him because of what the media has said of him but when love is building and stubbornness and determination is set in place all buttons are pushed.  Neither was looking for love but fate thought otherwise but when his identity is brought to the table all bets are off and Zach is force to push harder than he wants but he knows he has to try to right everything even if it means walking away.

Francis Ray writes an exciting story about two passionate artists who are in love with their music but blinded by their past but to see their love for one another and their love for their music that has brought them together.

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