Taming The Wolf by Maureen Smith

Maureen Smith

Taming the Wolf

Maureen Smith

Parker Publishing

ISBN 1600430090

Rating: 5

The Unknown Hunt For Love

**Certified classic**

Taming the Wolf was a exuberant read not only were life issues dealt with but the insecurities of the main characters were real and vulnerable enough that the story allowed for the reader to get a understanding of how these issues made Samara and Marcus the people they were. Maureen Smith takes her readers on a fast ride through DC, New York, & Atlanta as Marcus & Samara fall in love.

Samara Layton was the girl that everyone wanted to be with the mother who has the statue of a Hollywood celebrity but Samara was not that girl she was the girl who only wanted her mother’s love. When she finds herself doing the one thing she hates more than anything to save her community organization she finds herself in the hunting zone of Marcus Wolf. Marcus Wolf would rather be doing anything other then sitting at a fashion show but this one particular fashion show would make an impact on his life like none other. Marcus had trust issues when dealing with women that all stemmed from his mother. Having a big heart, he always was willing to lend a helping hand so when Samara comes to him requesting financial backing to save her community center he willingly gives it to her.

Neither Marcus or Samara realize they are falling in love until its to late and they find their selves on the run away path to love but not before drama can interrupt their love tryst. With mutual family drama, Marcus & Samara find that even complicated emotional baggage cannot over ride true love.

Maureen Smith writes a story that shows love can overcome any obstacle as well as succeed even when the odds are against it. Taming the Wolf was a story that could be read quickly because of how well it flowed from beginning to end.

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