We are introduced to 4 men and 4 women with a connection that spans a decade and that connection is Hollington College the class of 2009. What these individuals don’t know is that their reunion is going to bring some feelings and some closure to parts of their lives that they never thought would come to.



Chloe Jackson was the girl who no one knew in college because she prefers it like that she was always about getting her education and keeping to herself. She graduated as the class valedictorian and now ten years later, she owns her own event planning business and she has been handpicked to organize their ten-year reunion. However, there was one person she would never forget her classmate Kelvin Slayton.

Kevin Slayton is the owner of a large enterprise which consists of multiple restaurants and clubs and when she finds herself being position to persuade him to let her use the club to host the reunion she finds herself in a relationship that throws her off her balance. Kevin has been feeling like there is something in his life that has been missing and he realizes it when he meets Chloe Jackson. However, when Chloe past causes her to retreat she puts Kevin in the defense to get the women he loves back in his life.

Chloe was the girl no one in college knew but Kevin takes notice of her right away and finds it a mission of his life to get what got away from him in college because he didn’t pay attention.

Teach Me Tonight (H.C. #2)


Tamara Hodges never forgot her best friend and math tutor in college Micah Ross but when words are exchanged between her and some of her classmates and the situation from her past arises she finds herself passing judgment on Micah before she could really ask him questions. Micah had found the women he loved in Tamara but when she ends their relationship after rumors, he finds himself hurt and devastated never getting to express his love for her. Now ten years later he is out for revenge or so he thinks. Tamara now writes for a local Atlanta paper and he is a major producer. When Tamara gets the call that she has been offered the interview of a lifetime and the opportunity to apologize to her friend she, jumps at it but never with realization that the situation was actually a poly but the poly went for bust when the two realize that their feelings were deeper than they thought. Micah is the record producer and has found a way to get back at Tamara for the hurt that she had caused him. The revenge was going to come at the cost of her job but after thinking back to the fourteen years of friendship he finds himself falling all over in love with her but not before some more misunderstandings and secrets tear them apart.

Passion Overtime (H.C. #3)

Passion Overtime (PAMELA YAYE RATING 4.5)

Kyra Dixon wasn’t sure she could ever forget her college sweetheart especially since she saw him every Sunday when his team played and he was a reminder of how life didn’t always work in one’s favor. They were engaged to get married until the Majors stepped in and took him away. Now that their college is in need of a football coach and Terrance Franklin her ex-fiancé is free to coach she finds herself spending more time then she would ever want to trying to recruit him.

Terrance Franklin has come to realize that he’s ready to settle down it has taken him ten years to figure this out but only one woman has ever made him think long term in the general idea of marriage and kids with the dog to complete it. However this was the woman who he walked away from to go after his fame and glory but now that they have been forced back together he’s determine to make things right.

Kyra and Terrance have their difficulties where the trust has to be built again but the passion brewing isn’t going to be so easy to make go away.

Tender To His Touch (H.C. #4)

Tender To His Touch (ADRIANNE BYRD RATING 4)

Two broken marriages and a weekend of fun can turn into a tremendous situation or at least that what it became for Lucius & Beverly. Lucius was a workaholic while Beverly used work to get over all that has gone wrong in her life so when these two bumps heads before their college reunion they find their selves in a no strings attached weekend of fun till Lucius realizes that he’s not happy being apart from her. Beverly isn’t so excited about a relationship she has failed at one and life for her is hard but with a lot of persuasion and her friends throwing her out to dry, she realizes that moping won’t help.

Lucius is delight with the way his relationship is growing with Beverly but his life couldn’t have taken an even crazy turn with the budding relationship on shells and his ex-wife throwing things at him that has him dodging bullets on all sides. However, he will do anything to keep Beverly in his life but will it push her away?

Overall, the series was fun and has me on edge to see what my ten-year anniversary will be like. Kudos to Adrianne, Jacqueline, Pamela, and Sandra for a job well done.



I took the time to actually take a breather not really doing much reading or anything but just relaxing. For those who may have been reading my post on a regular my apologizes a white rose is offered as a piece offering SMILE.  Coming soon I have a four book review on the Hollington Reunion series coming from Harlequin featuring Sandra Kitt, Jacquline Thomas, Pamela Yaye, & Adrianne Byrd.  I am also now a reviewer for another group more news to come soon on that.  But I wish you all a beautiful holiday and look forward to seeing and hearing from everyone in 2010.

Games of the Heart (Rating 3.5 )

Games of the EHart

Games of the Heart

Love  Bug

Pamela Yaye takes on the sports industry from the standpoint of the business world and a businesswoman who is determine to make a name for herself but not before love hits her and makes her reevaluate life.

Sage Collins is a junior agent at a exclusive sports agency who is determined to get her hands on the next big sports star to get the promotion and raise she feels she so rightfully deserves but how far will she go to get the deal. Sage has never been one to back down from a challenge but when she meets the father of her next big superstar, she finds herself putting her street smarts into practice to get close. Marshall Grant has been doing everything in his power to get it into his child’s mind that his college education is important and not some draft to play sports while making sure any agent who approaches him is intimidated or shown the door being told that Khari Grant is not signing with anyone. When Sage finds herself, need deep in lies and in love with the father of her client who could make or break her, she finds herself having a deep moment of what is right and what is wrong. Khari & Sage hit it off making it even harder for her to do what it takes to sign the deal but unknowingly to Marshall and Sage love had overtaken everything but how much can love over come lies and deceit.

While the book was, a fast pace it seemed to slow back down in the middle but pick up again towards the end but nonetheless Pamela has always been an author who has known how to mix sports and romance stories together. While this book is not exactly what I, am use to from Mrs. Yaye it was a great read about a single father who would go the limits to ensure his son’s education & future. I look forward to reading more from Mrs. Yate in the coming future.

The Trouble With Luv’ by Pamela Yaye

Trouble With Love

The Trouble With Luv’

Pamela Yaye

Rating 3.5

Past, Present, & Future

Pamela Yaye brings two different yet independent people together for a relationship to remember. THE TROUBLE WITH LUV’ is a deep look at how someone’s past can drive the future as well as how someone’s present living mindset can effect their lives in the future.

Xavier Reed is a hardworking educator who devotes a lot of time to his church in his mind he has what the perfect wife for him will be. When he meets Ebony Garnett he is interested but feels she is very wrong and therefore gives her the brush off but as time progresses, he realizes that one’s perception can lead a person to the wrong conclusion. Ebony Garnett’s past has drove her to be the successful businessperson that she was and with her rules of how her relationships were suppose to be she knew what she wanted and how she would take it. When Xavier Reed plants himself in the center of her life she finds herself falling hard and quickly but not before a few problems and her history with the Reed family can pop in.

THE TROUBLE WITH LUV’ was a slow start but of course as you enter the last conflict it’s the largest of the book it holds a steady pace of how lovers work past their differences for the best. Pamela’s writing continues to grow and improve I cannot wait to see what is next from her catalog.

Love T.K.O by Pamela Yaye



Love T.K.O

Pamela Yaye

Rating: 5

The Fight of His Life

*Certified Classic*

LOVE T.K.O is a refreshing novel that reminds us of what love is really about. Pamela Yaye does it again bringing two individuals from different world into a blissful relationship.

Dr Yasmin Ohaji is a South African beauty who is a popular marriage therapist who has worked her self into a place that romance does not fit into her life but when she meets Rashawn Bishop after he came to her rescue she finds herself fighting the temptations that he presents. Rashawn Bishop is an up and coming boxer in Miami when he comes across Yasmin he sense that she is a woman that he wants in his life. When a group of young men steps to her improperly, he steps in and saves her from having to become unruly. After taking time to really get to know her he finds himself unable to focus because he wants her.

The couple run into some bumps in the road when assumptions are made instead of talked about but when Yasmin relives a part of her past she begins to react in a manner that sends Rashawn into his corner and he does what any man would do he comes out fighting. The relationship takes a rocky turn but as always Pamela finds a way to conclude the relationship with happiness.

Pamela Yaye had me rooting for Rashawn from the beginning of the book as well as wanting to see Yasmin happy. She brings back the idea of what a relationship should really be about and how a man should treat a woman. LOVE T.K.O is defiantly one of my top reads this year.

Her Kind of Man by Pamela Yaye

Pamela Yaye

Her Kind of Man
Pamela Yaye
Rating: 4

A Man Of No Words But All Action

Pamela Yayeʼs third novel is an exuberant piece that deals with social changes that many authors will not approach for fear of mishandling the issue.  However, Her Kind Of Man takes the issues that are considered fragile social and she turns it into a story that has its issues and brings to life two characters who each has their issues but finds the ultimate relationship between each other.

Makayla Stevens is a elementary teacher who has had her issues growing up but after getting over her slight teenage problems she has proven to those around her that her devotion to deal with issues from the past.  When she meets a blast from the past she finds herself devastated to not allow Kenyon find out whom she really is.  When Kenyon express interest in her she does not know where or what to do with his nephew being a student of hers and his sister-in-law being a menace Makayla is hesitant to deal but when Kenyon takes his flamboyant position on life on her she finds herself loving it.

Kenyon Blake was the everything that the girls wanted in high school even Makayla Stevens however, Kenyon saw Makayla as a friend and his saving grace from flunking high school.  Kenyon is enthralled with Terranceʼs teacher and wonʼt take no for a answer when he finds himself dealing with his past he decides that nothing will stop him from having the girl who has his eyes.

Pamela Yaye takes a step outside of the regular romance novels and adds a little flair from weight issues to simply bad kids in schools.  With the humor and the writing style Pamela is an author I look forward to reading more from.

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