In Blood We Trust by F.D. Davis

Adam Omega 2

Adam Omega 2


F.D. Davis

Rating 3.5


IN BLOOD WE TRUST is a novel fill of romantic tension as well as a power struggle between the three main characters. Adam is back with one mission, Eve has return to finish what she started, and Sullivan has founded a new purpose to live.

Adam Omega is back again except this time he has done the one thing he has forbidden all of his kind to do and it hurts him more than anyone could ever realize. Adam Omega is what some might consider the Master Vampire he not only is the Master Vampire but he’s able to do things that others can’t do including walk in daylight. When he meets Eve Moses he comes to realize that Eve is his wife from a past life and he’s not willing to give up on her so making her into the one thing she asked him not to do he saved her from self destruction only thing is he wasn’t sure he could continue to love her the way he had in her mortal form.

Eve Moses couldn’t believe that Adam had gone against her wishes and saved her on her dying bed to make her into the thing that she was. Not only had he made her into a vampire but he also made it to where she became dependent on him to survive because she wouldn’t take of human blood. Now known as Eve Omega she is determined to find a way to make herself back mortal. With Sullivan at her side and the friendship that linked the two together the past discretions that were already between Adam and Sullivan it only causes more trouble. Sullivan owed his life to Eve and therefore when she calls for him to help her he answers with no hesitation to only start the world wind relationship and the bitterness between Eve and Adam that sends Adam on a jealous rage as well as him attempting to settle the one major problem he has with himself.

IN BLOOD WE TRUST is a slow start however once you get to the middle of the book the elements of the novel begin to pick up. While the book was a good read there were a few places that could have been filled out and a few places that some of the story seemed to be unnecessary but in all F.D. Davis shows us that paranormal creatures don’t always have to follow the rules.

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In The Beginning: A Vampire Series F.D. Davis

Adam Omega book 1

Adam Omega book 1

In The Beginning: A Vampire Series

By F.D. Davis

Rating 4.5

Eternal Lovers

IN THE BEGINNING takes everything you’ve ever been told about vampires and puts them all to the test. Adam Omega had gained a sense of heightened power over the time that he had spent exploring the world trying to find a love that would replace his first. But, what happens when Adam tests all of the rules he made for everyone to follow?

Adam gave up a lot to be with his young wife, from walking away from the church to becoming what he was to save his young wife, but when she took her love away from him he was beside himself. So when he meets Eve Moses and discovers who she really is, he has no choice, but to revisit his past. Eve grew up being told she was evil and to overcome that evil she had to make amends with God and live a life of goodness. However, what is meant to be will prevail because of karma. When Eve becomes Adam’s weakness, those around him find themselves in a battle against those who have chosen to go against Adam. With good intentions in his heart, Adam realizes that sometimes being good isn’t enough.

F.D. Davis takes you on an adventurous ride as you read about Adam’s love and his determination to have his lover for eternity.

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Ridin The Rails by Kimberly Kaye Terry

Kimberly Kaye Terry did it again

Kimberly Kaye Terry did it again




Sensual Seduction

RAILIN’ THE RAILS was an erotic piece that explored the mind of a science fiction author as she’s asked to step outside of her territory and asked to bring more sex to her writing. Her agent suggests that she goes out and experience a little to get her material.

Naomi Gibson is a national bestselling sci-fi author who has been told that she has to spice up her writing style to stay where she is in the writing scene. With her editor and agent asking for her to take her writing to an erotic level she’s at a lost. With her past knowledge of relationships Naomi shuns the idea of falling in love and happily ever after. With her agent guiding the duo hit a night club and Naomi finds herself pursuing a guy that makes her tremble.

Brice Anders is a prominent corporate lawyer who enjoys his life but feels as something is missing. Growing up in a family where he always felt he needed to live up to his mother’s standards due to his sibling he finds himself always looking at what he could have done instead of what he’s doing. When he meets Naomi he isn’t sure why but he’s drawn to her. A dance turns into an invitation for a night of fun but Brice has more planned than he lets on to.

When Brice and Naomi find their selves at odds due to a quick reminder to Naomi of why relationships don’t work for her she is quick to run but not before throwing dirt in Brice’s face but as always its only a small world so when Brice & Naomi find their selves on the same train heading in the same direction Brice issues some idle promises that leave Naomi shaking for more.

Kimberly Kaye Terry weaves together an excellent story that allows for the readers to embrace both authors as they explore each other and the dynamics of their relationship. While it seems the secondary characters Seth & Rochelle have a little more to tell I am hoping that we will be seeing a follow up to this novel soon. Kimberly has introduced sex in a whole new playing field.

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Taming The Wolf by Maureen Smith

Maureen Smith

Taming the Wolf

Maureen Smith

Parker Publishing

ISBN 1600430090

Rating: 5

The Unknown Hunt For Love

**Certified classic**

Taming the Wolf was a exuberant read not only were life issues dealt with but the insecurities of the main characters were real and vulnerable enough that the story allowed for the reader to get a understanding of how these issues made Samara and Marcus the people they were. Maureen Smith takes her readers on a fast ride through DC, New York, & Atlanta as Marcus & Samara fall in love.

Samara Layton was the girl that everyone wanted to be with the mother who has the statue of a Hollywood celebrity but Samara was not that girl she was the girl who only wanted her mother’s love. When she finds herself doing the one thing she hates more than anything to save her community organization she finds herself in the hunting zone of Marcus Wolf. Marcus Wolf would rather be doing anything other then sitting at a fashion show but this one particular fashion show would make an impact on his life like none other. Marcus had trust issues when dealing with women that all stemmed from his mother. Having a big heart, he always was willing to lend a helping hand so when Samara comes to him requesting financial backing to save her community center he willingly gives it to her.

Neither Marcus or Samara realize they are falling in love until its to late and they find their selves on the run away path to love but not before drama can interrupt their love tryst. With mutual family drama, Marcus & Samara find that even complicated emotional baggage cannot over ride true love.

Maureen Smith writes a story that shows love can overcome any obstacle as well as succeed even when the odds are against it. Taming the Wolf was a story that could be read quickly because of how well it flowed from beginning to end.

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