Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Rochelle Alers

Rating 4

Mystery Man Who Are You

Rochelle Alers writes an excellent story testing the trust of two people who have had relationship issues.

Charadra Eaton has found pleasure in teaching students throughout her travels but when she finally finds a craving to return home she realizes that during her travel she has not really found home. After living aboard for two years and living through her sexual frustrations through dreams that she writes down in vivid details. She finds that she has finally met her match with Preston Tucker when she mistakenly leaves her journal in a cab and Preston finds it. Preston Tucker is a famous playwright who has been known for his enticing plays but when he finds Charada’s journal and reads it in its entirety he decides that he must meet the woman behind the erotic dreams and writings. Preston is intrigued with CHarada Eaton when he meets her he realizes that not only is she a excellent write but she’ feisty and intelligent and he come sot realize he she compliments him perfectly. What neither Charada nor Preston realizes is they are soul mates and destiny ahs place them together but will trust allow them to build a true relationship.

Rochelle writes about an elegant family with the dream of happiness but when it comes to finding happiness the test of all has to come true.

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