Cross My Heart

Celeste O Norfleet

Rating 4.5

Love at its Best

Celeste Norfleet writes a heartfelt novel that teaches people that fate has a way of fixing all wrongs.

David Montgomery is the mega superstar who leads a life of paparazzi but has a heart of gold but when he realizes that one woman can change all of that he puts his heart into shutting her down and any situation that could possible make or break him with two ting little ones.  Natalia Cole has always been on helping children so when she decides to have her own children by way of vito fertilization she could not be happier than to see her children beautiful faces.  Facing a devastating blow for grant money from a foundation that had turned her down three times, so when the founder of the organization shows up she is floored thinking his only concern was her center while David thought she was after his money as the two grow closers they find their selves falling in love with one another.

Natalia knows that their lives cannot be together because their lives are different and she feels they have no connection but David knows otherwise and he knows when Natalia find out their connect there will be hell to pay.  Celeste writes on a topic that many do not want to discuss and not did she do it tastefully but she makes it believable and fun.  I cannot wait to see if she brings back characters from this story into other books.


Bittersweet Love (Rating 4)

Eaton #1

I Love U/I Hate U

Rochelle introduces a new of family educators who seem to need a little education their selves.

Belinda Eaton never saw herself as a parent but when she becomes the mother to her nieces as well as her goddaughters after a tragic accident she finds herself dealing with the man she had come to dislike Griffin Rice is her nieces’ uncle/godfather. When she finds herself having to co raise the girls with him she realizes her life is going to change for the better or worse she’s not sure yet.

Griffin Rice is a prominent lawyer who enjoys dating and women but when he finds himself, a father to his twin nieces he realizes that life is not always about parties. He starts to realize that he wants to make an impact on their lives but not before, he finds himself falling for their aunt who he had always considered stuck-up.

Griffin & Belinda have found their selves looking at each other in a new light as they begin to spend more time together but when tragedy strikes close to home it helps Griffin and Belinda realize their feelings for one another. Rochelle writes an extremely strong story dealing with delicate issues without losing focus on the romance of the story. Rochelle’s characters were strong as well as real cannot wait until we meet the next Eaton to meet their match.

Temperature Rising (Rating 3.5)

Mother Nature Match Maker #1

Mother Nature Match Maker #1

Eye of the Storm
Brenda Jackson has launched the Mother Nature Matchmaker with a tempting couple who are both stubborn but also passionate about their desires in life.

Sherri Griffin is a successful radio producer looking to take over her uncle radio station when the time arrives but after being jolted in a relationship, Sherri has sworn off men temporarily but have also sworn off men who have no promise for the future or no promise of commitment.

Terrance Jefferies aka Holy Terror on the football team has been known to be a stubborn person who always got what he wanted no matter what and it just so happens Terrance wants Sherri and she’s throwing up blocks left and right because she’s not willing to get her feelings hurt again. Terrance is not willing to stop pursing her until he figures out why he has this desire to be with her.

When a hurricane leaves the two of them stuck at the radio station together holding down the weather reports and other important aspects that come with working in the media the two find their selves tasting the limits of keeping their hands to their selves. Sherri finds out some rather interesting information about Terrance that sets her off again and Terrance can do nothing but force his way back into her heart.

Brenda has produced apiece based off one of the most deadly storms that can hit the south and has turned it into a passionate climax of two people falling in love.

Deifying Desire by AC Arthur



Avid Rating 4.5

Ghosts from The Past

Deifying Desire is the third book to the Donovan family and as everyone suspected when the last man falls he falls hard.

Trent Donavan met Tia St. Claire when he went to help his brother’s girlfriend out during a fashion show but never before did he suspect to begin to have a desire for her that led to him extracting the number from his soon to be sister in law.

However, Tia St Claire has ghost from her past that haunts her daily leading to her secluded life until Trent steps in. Trent & Tia go through a lover’s quarrel that could end their relationship only to realize that their love for one another is what makes them strong and the Donavan clan knows how to meddle just enough to see it through.

AC Arthur pulls off another exciting book from the Donavan family bringing the last Triple Threat Donavan to his feet. AC is defiantly an author to keep your eyes on as she continues to bring heat and passion to her stories and the romance world.

Forbidden Games by Deidre Savoy

Last of the Martha Vineyard Series

Last of the Martha Vineyard Series

Avid Rating 3

Unknown Love

Deidre Savoy brings back the Martha Vineyard crew for the close out of her family series in Forbidden Games.

Drew Grissom was what many thought of as player as well as a officer who played by his own rules with no regard to anyone what no one knew was Drew picked and chose who he cared to protect and when his care landed on you it was something that came with a lot of protection.

Zaria Fuertes was a sister who always knew what she wanted in a career but not in life for her, it was always to never give her whole but when she finds herself working with Drew on a federal case their feelings blossom.

Mrs. Savoy rounds out the series with a tale of deceit and love while the story was a little slow in the beginning the friendship and love between Drew and Zaria is what holds the story plot together.

Trust In Me By Melanie Schuster

A Deveraux Book

A Deveraux Book

Trust In Me

Melanie Schuster

Kimani Romance

Rating 4.5

A Lover’s Plan

TRUST IN ME is a heartfelt story that takes us on a visit to the aftermath of Katrina as natives try to put their home back together and what happens when a man finds his soul mate exactly how far he will go to prove it. Schuster does an excellent job describing the all the locations that the story takes place.

Lucien Deveraux was a free spirited single bachelor but when he lays eyes on his brother-in-law’s sister he knew she was the one which for him was strange but he made it known to his siblings that he was determine to have her. Along with the determination came the jealousy that men with a purpose can exhibit. Lucien finds himself in quite a mess when he makes a few mistakes and those close to him gives Nicole Argonne a insight to who he is and she begins to form her on ideas of what kind of man he is and the fact that she promised herself she would stay away from those type of men. Nicole Argonne was a sister that many wouldn’t try to get over on but when she finds herself going toe to toe for Lucien she finds out that love will always win. Between his generosity when it comes to her and the fact that he’s able to read her so well that everyone would think that they knew each other longer than what they actually do. When Nicole tells Lucien she has trust issues he works very hard to give her no doubt that he’s sincere.

Melanie Schuster does a great job of reuniting us with the family that everyone has come to love reintroducing old characters as well as showing a few new characters. I am looking forward to the next installment to this wonderful series.

Her Lover’s Legacy by Adrianne Byrd

Adrianne Byrd

Adrianne Byrd

Her Lover’s Legacy

Adrianne Byrd

ISBN: 0373-86076-5

Rating 4.5

Adrianne Byrd weaves together an intense yet powerful story of how love at first sight isn’t always recognized but sometimes it takes something drastic to happen for two people who aren’t looking for love to accept it.

Malcolm Braddock gets the news that his father has passed and after the past two years of having nothing but arguments the feeling leaves Malcolm brooding over the lost and not being able to apologize. Finding himself being recruiter to take his father position in the political side has him on defense because he’s not interested in fighting the political battles.

Gloria Kingsley was Harmon Braddock’s executive assistant and when she finds herself getting involved in trying to get Harmon’s son Malcolm to run for office she finds herself having to deal with feelings that presented early in her career with the Braddock’s. When Gloria finds herself going head to head with Malcolm they realize that sparks are flying and feelings are running high.

One thing leads to another and next thing Malcolm and Gloria realize a relationship has formed as well as the feelings between the two are intense. HER LOVER’S LEGACY is a passionate romance story with a slice of mystery as well as a little drama. Defiantly can’t wait to read the rest of the series.