Quade’s Babies by Brenda Jackson



Quade’s Babies

Brenda Jackson

Rating 2

Disappointment is not even a good enough description…

Brenda Jackson writes the fourteenth book of the Westmoreland’s’ series. While I was a diehard fan in the beginning when she introduced Delany and her brothers Mrs. Jackson has slowly but surely disappointed me with the cousins.

In this particular book we remember when Quade was in Montana with his family and he saw the picture of the enchanted beauty Cheyenne who he had a one night affair with in Egypt while on business and he realizes she’s pregnant rather she’s probably due any day now. Well what we later learn is that Cheyenne is none other than Cheyenne Steele of the Steele family from the Kimami Steele’s. Remember her cousins Chance, Donovan, Morgan, and Sebastian the male cousins and then there is Taylor and Vanessa her sisters’. Yeah that crew.

Quade Westmoreland was surprise when he finds out he’s a father but not just a father but a father to the second set of Westmoreland triplets but what he wasn’t prepared for was their mother and her resistance to wanting to do what he considered right in his eyes for her and the babies. Cheyenne Steele had grown up being told what to do and how to do it so when she finds herself pregnant with her mystery man’s triplets she decides that she’s going to do things her way with her babies and no one can say anything to change her mind. Well almost no one.

Cheyenne thought she would never see Quade again but when he shows up inquiring about her babies she has no choice but to tell him what he wants to know but she never expected the situation to become a lifetime situation.

Brenda Jackson has continue to give us great romantic stories however I believe it has gotten to the point that Mrs. Jackson has really forgotten that writing is about the quality of the book instead of the quantity of the book. I really hope to see Mrs. Jackson return with a book that can hold to the standards of quality.


Baby Bonanaza by Maureen Child

Baby Bonanza

Maureen Child

Silhouette Desire

Billionaires & Babies Mini Series

Rating: 5

Double Duty

**Certified Classic**

Baby Bonanza is a beautifully written story by Maureen Child that tells the story of a business tycoon and how he falls for a mystery woman who he didn’t know but she knew who he was and knew her relationship with him could cost her greatly she just never realize how much.

Jenna Baker knew that getting involved with Nick Falco would end her career but to have the few days that she did with him it was more than enough for her to willingly give up her career on his cruise line to be in his bed and arms for the small amount of time until he realized who she was. Nick Falco had grown accustomed to women showing up at his room to give him pleasure so when he sees this female by herself he finds himself attracted to her and decides to be the one to make the moves on her however, he did not realize that she was more than just a visitor until it is too late.

Jenna has decided that since Nick will not return her emails that she is going to personally deliver the news that he is a father to her twins on one of her cruises but when she finds herself in the belly of the boat. Nick gets wind of it she finds herself staying in his suite where things get heated up to the point that Nick and Jenna find their selves back at point one.

Maureen Child does it again with a novel that makes any red blood female want to visualize what Maureen does when she writes her novels. I defiantly give her two thumbs up on this one.

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