The Thirteenth

LA Banks

Vampire Huntress Series

St Martin Press

Rating 5

** Certified CLASSIC **

Heaven & Hell

LA Banks does it again accept this time she closes out a series that many have fallen in love with as well as its main characters.

Damali, Carlos, and the Neteru team are now considered dangerous & the most wanted in the world. With every continent on high alert the Neterus and their teams have nowhere to go but as always the MOST HIGHEST always has an answer. With assistance from their past as well as their future (a little child with the voice to go with it), the Neteru team is able to take down the forces of Hell as well as see a small part of their future.

Being a close follower of LA Banks Vampire Huntress Series I am sadden to see it come to a close but with all good things they have to end. Hats off to LA Banks.

NOTE: I wrote this review very general because I do not want to give the book away to anyone who has either not read the complete series or have not read the book because there are very crucial key factors hat play a important part of this book and series. If you have, any questions please contact the blog administrator and she will put you in contact with me.



The Shadows by LA BANKS

LA Banks

The Shadows

LA Banks

St Martin Press

ISBN: 0312368755

Rating: 4.5

The Battle of a Lifetime

THE SHADOWS is the eleventh book in the Vampire-Huntress series and this time LA Banks turns up the heat a notch on both sides of the playing field. LA Banks continues to take readers on the fight of all humanity.

Carlos & Damali Rivera has inherited two more Guardians to their team. As it grows, it becomes a truly unique scene now that the Neteru team has made a direct hit to Lucifer himself as well as taking out quite a bit of the Underworld’s team. However, nothing comes with such a reward that drama could not follow. The Unnamed One is so furious that he has taken the broken seal and made it worse determined to make the Guardian team respond because he wants revenge. With daywalkers walking around and two ex-master vampires on the other side, the dark side finds itself fighting the battle that matter most. The light side has made some revelations in reference to the Million Neteru team that has all the males on point as well as all the females accurately aware of the fight that matters the most THE FINAL BATTLE.

L.A. Banks is an author who mesmerizes you with her novels that brings you to look at present day problems as well as to connect with the various characters in her books. LA Banks has given us nothing but winners since THE MINION. This book is defiantly a must and if your picking up this book and haven’t read 1-9 STOP don’t even open the cover don’t read the back cover don’t look at the reviews click back and start at The Minion and get the series and then begin you will never regret it.

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