Baby Bonanaza by Maureen Child

Baby Bonanza

Maureen Child

Silhouette Desire

Billionaires & Babies Mini Series

Rating: 5

Double Duty

**Certified Classic**

Baby Bonanza is a beautifully written story by Maureen Child that tells the story of a business tycoon and how he falls for a mystery woman who he didn’t know but she knew who he was and knew her relationship with him could cost her greatly she just never realize how much.

Jenna Baker knew that getting involved with Nick Falco would end her career but to have the few days that she did with him it was more than enough for her to willingly give up her career on his cruise line to be in his bed and arms for the small amount of time until he realized who she was. Nick Falco had grown accustomed to women showing up at his room to give him pleasure so when he sees this female by herself he finds himself attracted to her and decides to be the one to make the moves on her however, he did not realize that she was more than just a visitor until it is too late.

Jenna has decided that since Nick will not return her emails that she is going to personally deliver the news that he is a father to her twins on one of her cruises but when she finds herself in the belly of the boat. Nick gets wind of it she finds herself staying in his suite where things get heated up to the point that Nick and Jenna find their selves back at point one.

Maureen Child does it again with a novel that makes any red blood female want to visualize what Maureen does when she writes her novels. I defiantly give her two thumbs up on this one.

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Baby Business by Katherine Garbera

Rating 4.5

Million Dollar Question

Katherine Garbera writes a charming story set in the south that explores what people will do in order to keep the breed of their family in tact.

Donovan Tolley has every girls dream in Charleston, South Carolina the smarts, the money, as well as the whole sex appeal but when he falls for Cassidy Franzone he realizes one thing and that is a woman like her could cost him the one thing he wants so badly. Cassidy Franzone is from a family that has done well for their selves even though they are not a part of that historical Charleston line of families they have prestigious in the area. When she falls for Donovan Tolley and he walks out on her she finds herself pregnant with his child and without the man she falls in love with.

When the two find their selves back in a relationship with unconventional reasons unbeknown to Cassidy they are looking at finding happiness for their selves otherwise the relationship is doom but also the relationship makes and breaks a business as well as two families.

Katherine brings the south to you with this story not only does she do a tremendous job at describing Charleston but she also brings the people to life.

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Blue Skies by Adrianne Byrd

Air Force

Air Force






BLUE SKIES was an exceptionally well-written military romance story not only was it witty but it was also one of those stories that you could remember. Ms. Byrd brings the blue skies to you with a little romance and a little competition between lovers.

Captain Sydney “Serious” Garnett is a military inbreed who learn the joy of flying from her father and when it became her time to enlist, she did it with pride not only pride but also she was the epitome of a solider and a pilot.

Lt. James Colton was what some would call cocky but a pilot with tricks that many would not attempt. When he finds himself face to face with a sienna beauty, he finds himself looking into the eyes of his own soul but of course, nothing comes easy.

Lt. Colton & Capt Garnett find their selves in competition for being named the finest pilot in a Special Operations program. When Colton finds himself at the end of Garnett’s antics he realizes that she’s not only his equal but she is also one of the best pilots in the US Air Force but also she’s younger than him as well as outrank him but it still won’t stop him from going after her. The two find their selves involved in a manner that no one would have ever thought but not before the minor secret, which Colton and the other males of the program could screw up his chances of a successful relationship.

When James finds himself having to go after Sydney in a war zone, he has his heart in his throat thinking the worse could have happened to the women he loves but not before he remembers, what made him loved her the way he did.

Ms. Byrd writes a story that shows true love at its best but also love when nothing can part the two not even an extended time of being apart.