The Shadows by LA BANKS

LA Banks

The Shadows

LA Banks

St Martin Press

ISBN: 0312368755

Rating: 4.5

The Battle of a Lifetime

THE SHADOWS is the eleventh book in the Vampire-Huntress series and this time LA Banks turns up the heat a notch on both sides of the playing field. LA Banks continues to take readers on the fight of all humanity.

Carlos & Damali Rivera has inherited two more Guardians to their team. As it grows, it becomes a truly unique scene now that the Neteru team has made a direct hit to Lucifer himself as well as taking out quite a bit of the Underworld’s team. However, nothing comes with such a reward that drama could not follow. The Unnamed One is so furious that he has taken the broken seal and made it worse determined to make the Guardian team respond because he wants revenge. With daywalkers walking around and two ex-master vampires on the other side, the dark side finds itself fighting the battle that matter most. The light side has made some revelations in reference to the Million Neteru team that has all the males on point as well as all the females accurately aware of the fight that matters the most THE FINAL BATTLE.

L.A. Banks is an author who mesmerizes you with her novels that brings you to look at present day problems as well as to connect with the various characters in her books. LA Banks has given us nothing but winners since THE MINION. This book is defiantly a must and if your picking up this book and haven’t read 1-9 STOP don’t even open the cover don’t read the back cover don’t look at the reviews click back and start at The Minion and get the series and then begin you will never regret it.

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The Wicked by LA Banks

LA Banks

The Wicked

LA Banks

Rating 4.5

Banks kicks it up a notch and really breaks down some mythology on a level that many have never seen before. Her beloved Neterus are in put in a position that really test the lines of all lines and until they can bring unity to their selves they aren’t really sure they can hold their team of Guardians, refugees, and newly acquired members together but when all else fail you are always told to ask for help.

Damali has done it again she has allowed herself to be cut off from the Queen Neteru Council and for once its truly not her fault but she isn’t letting this hold her down with her husband and the family at her back she knows she can handle anything well almost anything with the wrong images thrown guilt can make a person question their selves.

Carlos knows that with old and new enemies showing up its going to be a moment before anything of normalcy will be at their sides but of course Rivera figures what the hell I’ve seen worse and I have done worse so if they are going to bring the pain I am going down fighting. No one counted on truly getting a prayer answer especially since only two members of the family knew about this prayer but with acquiring a large army as well as having members on the team who had a thing or two within their power stages the team would have victory or was it truly victory….

I have to say we are truly happy to see that Banks series has been extended to a 12 book series but now that a few of us are hooked we have become addicted and always waiting for more insight on this guardian team and the beloved Neterus. We defiantly say keep it up Ms. Banks.

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Taming The Wolf by Maureen Smith

Maureen Smith

Taming the Wolf

Maureen Smith

Parker Publishing

ISBN 1600430090

Rating: 5

The Unknown Hunt For Love

**Certified classic**

Taming the Wolf was a exuberant read not only were life issues dealt with but the insecurities of the main characters were real and vulnerable enough that the story allowed for the reader to get a understanding of how these issues made Samara and Marcus the people they were. Maureen Smith takes her readers on a fast ride through DC, New York, & Atlanta as Marcus & Samara fall in love.

Samara Layton was the girl that everyone wanted to be with the mother who has the statue of a Hollywood celebrity but Samara was not that girl she was the girl who only wanted her mother’s love. When she finds herself doing the one thing she hates more than anything to save her community organization she finds herself in the hunting zone of Marcus Wolf. Marcus Wolf would rather be doing anything other then sitting at a fashion show but this one particular fashion show would make an impact on his life like none other. Marcus had trust issues when dealing with women that all stemmed from his mother. Having a big heart, he always was willing to lend a helping hand so when Samara comes to him requesting financial backing to save her community center he willingly gives it to her.

Neither Marcus or Samara realize they are falling in love until its to late and they find their selves on the run away path to love but not before drama can interrupt their love tryst. With mutual family drama, Marcus & Samara find that even complicated emotional baggage cannot over ride true love.

Maureen Smith writes a story that shows love can overcome any obstacle as well as succeed even when the odds are against it. Taming the Wolf was a story that could be read quickly because of how well it flowed from beginning to end.

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Her Kind of Man by Pamela Yaye

Pamela Yaye

Her Kind of Man
Pamela Yaye
Rating: 4

A Man Of No Words But All Action

Pamela Yayeʼs third novel is an exuberant piece that deals with social changes that many authors will not approach for fear of mishandling the issue.  However, Her Kind Of Man takes the issues that are considered fragile social and she turns it into a story that has its issues and brings to life two characters who each has their issues but finds the ultimate relationship between each other.

Makayla Stevens is a elementary teacher who has had her issues growing up but after getting over her slight teenage problems she has proven to those around her that her devotion to deal with issues from the past.  When she meets a blast from the past she finds herself devastated to not allow Kenyon find out whom she really is.  When Kenyon express interest in her she does not know where or what to do with his nephew being a student of hers and his sister-in-law being a menace Makayla is hesitant to deal but when Kenyon takes his flamboyant position on life on her she finds herself loving it.

Kenyon Blake was the everything that the girls wanted in high school even Makayla Stevens however, Kenyon saw Makayla as a friend and his saving grace from flunking high school.  Kenyon is enthralled with Terranceʼs teacher and wonʼt take no for a answer when he finds himself dealing with his past he decides that nothing will stop him from having the girl who has his eyes.

Pamela Yaye takes a step outside of the regular romance novels and adds a little flair from weight issues to simply bad kids in schools.  With the humor and the writing style Pamela is an author I look forward to reading more from.

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Long Time Coming by Rochelle Alers

Rochelle Alers

Long Time Coming

Rochelle Alers

Kimani Press

ISBN: 978-1-4268-1775-5

Rating 4.5

A New Year Delight

Rochelle Alers pens a quirky yet loving romantic novel about two individuals who have been hurt the past and they are not sure how to overcome their love until they find each other.

Tessa Whitfield never thought she would find true love. Finding love or what she thought the first time turned out to be a devastating blow. When she found out that, her lover had a wife and was nothing but lies with those thoughts in mind she threw herself into running her business and promising herself she would never fall in love again. Tessa had rules when it came to clients, their families and her business there was no dating of anyone associated with a Signature Bride. However when Micah Sanborn walks into her life she finds herself having to go on the defensive because he entices her in a way that makes her considered her life.

Micah Sanborn always had issues when it came to women it started early in life and continued on with him but when he meets Tessa Whitfield she turns his life upside down. Knowing that he could never love her or at least that was his thought he continuously fought the feeling that he knew as love. When he finds himself falling in love he puts up his armor wall to force her away with both of their lives keeping them apart he begins to realize he misses her. When he finds himself feeling incomplete without her he digs deep within himself to find the ability to admit to her his feelings.

Long Time Coming is a quick and funny read that shows two families who are uniquely different but in so many ways alike. Full with laughter and love, this novel is a novel that is a quick and easy read.

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Cole’s Red Hot Pursuit by Brenda Jackson

June 2008

Cole Red Hot Pursuit

Brenda Jackson

Silhouette Desire

ISBN: 978-1-4268-1797-7

Rating: 2.5

Unknown Passion

Cole Red Hot Pursuit is a passionate and erotic full novel with a family feel as well as two very passionate characters.

Cole Westermoreland was a man who was nothing but a confirmed bachelor his passion was pleasing women and nothing more. When he finds himself face to face with Patricia Foreman after she saves his life after a snowstorm causes him to have an accident he knows he wants Patricia in the most intimate way ever. Patricia Foreman has a thing against lawman due to her late husband but she had never met a man who shows more persistence then Cole. She finds herself intrigued with the way he causes his body to respond to hers but she also finds herself falling in love when she does not want to.

Brenda Jackson writes strong passionate pieces however, the story line feels like a repeat from her other novels as well as it was rushed. In this novel, Cole pushes and pushes until he finally gets Patricia to do what he wants while I enjoy a strong determined man it is as if he comes off as controlling which is not a passionate or romantic feature. Many readers are use to reading romance novels and thinking of that perfect man while looks, wealth, and sexuality that are what Cole brings to the table it just seems his character simply lacked a part of that romance formula.

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