Brenda Jackson

Rating 5


Brenda Jackson writes a red hot novel with blazing scenes of two people who deserve to be loved battling to ensure they never acquired heartbreak as their parents have endure by the one’s they loved.

Kimani Cannon is set on being a doctor but also she knows that she will never marry after enduring her mother being her father’s punching bag after becoming intoxicated.  However  her mother has continue to believe that Kim has the chance to find love when all Kimani can do is think of nothing what happen to her mother and wanting her mother happy.  When her mother calls her announcing her fifth marriage Kim is determine to ensure her mother’s happiness and safety.  Duan Jefferies has never realized that love would hit him especially after his mother walked out of his and his siblings’ lives without a backwards glance.  Duan is happy that his siblings have found love but when he finds himself face to face with Kimani he finds himself infuse with her not only her looks but also her feistiness and her outlook on life.  Duan never thought he would gain happiness but when he finds it, he knows he will not come between Kimani and her dreams but destiny has better ideas.  Duan has prepared to save himself from making a fool of himself while Kim has learned some valuable lessons as well as information that is vital to their relationship that will take them both on another level.

Brenda Jackson has done it again writing about a family with their own issues but still find time to help others as well as fall in love.  Mrs. Jackson wrote a complete story even tying in her secondary characters perfectly another job well done.

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Hidden Pleasures by Brenda Jackson

Hidden Pleasures

Brenda Jackson

Rating 4.5

The Price of Love

Brenda Jackson returns to the scene with another Steele this time the Phoenix clan also known as The Bad News Steele’s’. The Steele brothers were truly their father’s sons and their love for woman was obvious as well as their need to hold on to their bachelor cards unlike their cousins’ in North Carolina.

Brittany Thrasher was the umpteen of prim and proper so when she meets Galen Steele she is very disgusted with the way he presents himself and had no problem telling him as such. Brittan grew up in a situation that left her insecure with who she was so when she receives word from a woman in Phoenix stating that she may possible be able to bring closure to some questions in her life she finds herself on a journey to find and find the answers. Galen Steele had never forgot the chocolate beauty he had all but bullied out of her cab but when he sees her at a Phoenix auction he’s determined to find out more about her and get to her in his bed and out of his mind. After he learns information that he realizes is the key to getting what he wants he puts his plans into action. Brittany knew she had to win the auction on a vital piece of information but when she gets into a bidding war with a man, she realizes that she may not be able to achieve her goal. When a man she isn’t aware of snags it for an amount that is total over her range Brittany is determined to negotiate her way to collect her piece. When she realizes the man is Mr. Ill Manners from New York she is ready to walkway but when he gives her the proposal of a lifetime Brittany is determined to do a little soul searching and gaining the property but not before fate has a little fun between Galen and her.

Brenda continues the Forged Steele Series with a hot one right of Phoenix. I get the feeling Drew’s boys are going to fall hard but wont’ go down without a fight.

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Temperature Rising (Rating 3.5)

Mother Nature Match Maker #1

Mother Nature Match Maker #1

Eye of the Storm
Brenda Jackson has launched the Mother Nature Matchmaker with a tempting couple who are both stubborn but also passionate about their desires in life.

Sherri Griffin is a successful radio producer looking to take over her uncle radio station when the time arrives but after being jolted in a relationship, Sherri has sworn off men temporarily but have also sworn off men who have no promise for the future or no promise of commitment.

Terrance Jefferies aka Holy Terror on the football team has been known to be a stubborn person who always got what he wanted no matter what and it just so happens Terrance wants Sherri and she’s throwing up blocks left and right because she’s not willing to get her feelings hurt again. Terrance is not willing to stop pursing her until he figures out why he has this desire to be with her.

When a hurricane leaves the two of them stuck at the radio station together holding down the weather reports and other important aspects that come with working in the media the two find their selves tasting the limits of keeping their hands to their selves. Sherri finds out some rather interesting information about Terrance that sets her off again and Terrance can do nothing but force his way back into her heart.

Brenda has produced apiece based off one of the most deadly storms that can hit the south and has turned it into a passionate climax of two people falling in love.

Quade’s Babies by Brenda Jackson



Quade’s Babies

Brenda Jackson

Rating 2

Disappointment is not even a good enough description…

Brenda Jackson writes the fourteenth book of the Westmoreland’s’ series. While I was a diehard fan in the beginning when she introduced Delany and her brothers Mrs. Jackson has slowly but surely disappointed me with the cousins.

In this particular book we remember when Quade was in Montana with his family and he saw the picture of the enchanted beauty Cheyenne who he had a one night affair with in Egypt while on business and he realizes she’s pregnant rather she’s probably due any day now. Well what we later learn is that Cheyenne is none other than Cheyenne Steele of the Steele family from the Kimami Steele’s. Remember her cousins Chance, Donovan, Morgan, and Sebastian the male cousins and then there is Taylor and Vanessa her sisters’. Yeah that crew.

Quade Westmoreland was surprise when he finds out he’s a father but not just a father but a father to the second set of Westmoreland triplets but what he wasn’t prepared for was their mother and her resistance to wanting to do what he considered right in his eyes for her and the babies. Cheyenne Steele had grown up being told what to do and how to do it so when she finds herself pregnant with her mystery man’s triplets she decides that she’s going to do things her way with her babies and no one can say anything to change her mind. Well almost no one.

Cheyenne thought she would never see Quade again but when he shows up inquiring about her babies she has no choice but to tell him what he wants to know but she never expected the situation to become a lifetime situation.

Brenda Jackson has continue to give us great romantic stories however I believe it has gotten to the point that Mrs. Jackson has really forgotten that writing is about the quality of the book instead of the quantity of the book. I really hope to see Mrs. Jackson return with a book that can hold to the standards of quality.






SEX AND THE SINGLE BRADDOCK is a midtempo look into how far one will go to find answers to a love one’s death.

Shronda Braddock knew her father’s death was no accident, as everyone believed however finding the answers were proven more difficult than her and her brothers like. Deciding to take matters into her own hands, she takes a job at the company that seems to be the missing link to the puzzle but not before, she finds herself in the company of her boss. Conner Stewart is known to be one of the playboy’s of Houston elite. When he meets the new compliance attorney for his father’s company he finds himself enthrall to get to know her better. Knowing his every move is under a microscope he is careful of what he does but not before falling for the sexy attorney. When Connor finds out the truth about Shornda he is upset but not before realizing his feelings for her. With the vow to help Shornda and Connor finds themselves in the mix of an interracial affair.

Robyn Amos turns up the heat with an unexpected twist however, the book started slowly but it did gain momentum to only slow in the middle while finishing out with a surprise. Robyn is defiantly an author to continue to read.

The Object of His Protection Brenda Jackson

Object of His Protection

Object of His Protection

The Object of His Protection

Brenda Jackson

Rating: 4.5

THE OBJECT OF HIS PROTECTION is a fast pace in your face romantic suspense fill with answers that we all have been waiting on for four months.

Drey St. John was a man that many did not cross but what he has pulled into an investigation that turns out to be a lot closer to home than he realizes. He finds himself wanting answers as well as closure. Charlene Anderson was an all work – no play type person so when Drey comes to her for assistance she has no problem helping him out until she finds herself in more danger than she knows.

Drey & Charlene had already been fighting their attraction to one another so when they find their selves spending a great deal of time together they have no choice but to act on the heated sparks.

Brenda Jackson does a tasteful job on bringing the Braddock’s family to a close as well as the continuity.

Second Chance, Baby by AC Arthur

AC Arthur

AC Arthur

Rating: 4

Finding Love Again

SECOND CHANCE, BABY is a heartfelt novel that explores the joys, heartaches, and responsibilities of love. A.C. Arthur adds her personal flair to the Braddrock’s: Secret Son continuity.

Tyson Braddrock was the middle child to Congressman Harmon Braddrock and always felt he needed to prove himself to his father, siblings, as well as his wife. When he allows work to overpower his marriage Felicia Braddrock, his college sweetheart does the only thing she knew she left him.

Felicia Braddrock knew that her husband loved her however; he was never around to show in love so with the sheer will power she did the only things she knew she left him. When Felicia finds herself pregnant, she is at war for a way to fix the situation with Ty.

A.C. Arthur shows how a family stands unity in the best and worst times. SECOND CHANCE, BABY was a heartfelt read with just the right touch that only AC Arthur can present.

Her Lover’s Legacy by Adrianne Byrd

Adrianne Byrd

Adrianne Byrd

Her Lover’s Legacy

Adrianne Byrd

ISBN: 0373-86076-5

Rating 4.5

Adrianne Byrd weaves together an intense yet powerful story of how love at first sight isn’t always recognized but sometimes it takes something drastic to happen for two people who aren’t looking for love to accept it.

Malcolm Braddock gets the news that his father has passed and after the past two years of having nothing but arguments the feeling leaves Malcolm brooding over the lost and not being able to apologize. Finding himself being recruiter to take his father position in the political side has him on defense because he’s not interested in fighting the political battles.

Gloria Kingsley was Harmon Braddock’s executive assistant and when she finds herself getting involved in trying to get Harmon’s son Malcolm to run for office she finds herself having to deal with feelings that presented early in her career with the Braddock’s. When Gloria finds herself going head to head with Malcolm they realize that sparks are flying and feelings are running high.

One thing leads to another and next thing Malcolm and Gloria realize a relationship has formed as well as the feelings between the two are intense. HER LOVER’S LEGACY is a passionate romance story with a slice of mystery as well as a little drama. Defiantly can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

Cole’s Red Hot Pursuit by Brenda Jackson

June 2008

Cole Red Hot Pursuit

Brenda Jackson

Silhouette Desire

ISBN: 978-1-4268-1797-7

Rating: 2.5

Unknown Passion

Cole Red Hot Pursuit is a passionate and erotic full novel with a family feel as well as two very passionate characters.

Cole Westermoreland was a man who was nothing but a confirmed bachelor his passion was pleasing women and nothing more. When he finds himself face to face with Patricia Foreman after she saves his life after a snowstorm causes him to have an accident he knows he wants Patricia in the most intimate way ever. Patricia Foreman has a thing against lawman due to her late husband but she had never met a man who shows more persistence then Cole. She finds herself intrigued with the way he causes his body to respond to hers but she also finds herself falling in love when she does not want to.

Brenda Jackson writes strong passionate pieces however, the story line feels like a repeat from her other novels as well as it was rushed. In this novel, Cole pushes and pushes until he finally gets Patricia to do what he wants while I enjoy a strong determined man it is as if he comes off as controlling which is not a passionate or romantic feature. Many readers are use to reading romance novels and thinking of that perfect man while looks, wealth, and sexuality that are what Cole brings to the table it just seems his character simply lacked a part of that romance formula.

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